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Snack and Gatoraid Craft

My daughter wanted to make her dad something for his birthday that he would enjoy.  She wanted to keep it simple because she said he's not worried about how it looks, he just wants the
I thought it was a good idea and  I guess men don't care, like my daughter said, but I tried to think of ways to pretty it up but not too much.
I would cover the cardboard circles with scrap paper with tool designs since he is a carpenter.   Then circle with  pieces of burlap ribbon on the top and bottom.  Then I would tuck small tools in the burlap. Do you have ideas for this craft?  Let me know how you would change this gift or would you change it at all?  We would love to hear your ideas.

Great Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday

Cool birthday Ideas for your 30th
Birthday Craft Using Suckers
This funny 30th birthday decoration pretty much wraps it up for most 30 year old men and women. Birthdays never bother me, I'm just glad to have another one.  It's still a lot of fun to poke fun at the birthday girl or boy with this funny gift.

:: Tutorial for Birthdays suck

Dirt Cupcakes With Gummy Worms

  These cupcakes are the baby sister of the very popular dirt cake.  Such a cute idea for 30th birthday.

:: How to make these cupcakes

Money Can

 This is a great idea for any age.  When you pull the first bill out, they keep coming.  You could put 30 one dollar bills in a gift can.  By taping them together, they just keep coming out.

:: Tutorial to make Money Can

Backyard Movie Bash

 What a great idea for a 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th or any birthday. This backyard bash is sure to be a crowd pleasing birthday to remember.

:: More great ideas
How to cut a cake into the number 30. Use cake mix or make from scratch.  Decorate.

Strawberry Jello Shots

  Jello Shots are all the rage  for parties.  Here is a great idea for strawberry jello shots.  Any 30 year old will love this.  Make with or without alcohol.

:: Recipe For Strawberry Jello Shots

Fill Party Balloons with Candy and Gifts The Easy Way

Photo: Gunny Sack
    Fill Balloons With Candy and Toys using the following technique.  I have always liked the idea of filling balloons with candy and letting the kids pop them but I didn't like the idea of filling each balloon.  We know how the friction can slow things down.  If you make  a water bottle funnel (use a bottle with a wide mouth) you can easily push candy into balloons. 
 Use orange and black for Halloween parties, Red or Green for Christmas Parties, pink for a girls birthday party, blue for a boys birthday Parties , and pastels for Easter parties. How about filling with small baby shower gifts and letting mom to be pop the balloon. 
 For Gender Reveal baby showers, fill with pink or blue confetti and let someone special pop the balloon.There are so many ways this idea can be used. Use larger balloons for larger items.  And don't forget money slides in easily too.  Teens love money.

Lion Themed Birthday Party for 1st Birthday

Your baby's First Birthday is a very special occasion and you want to celebrate this wonderful little person who has forever changed your life. For the Perfect Birthday Party, start with  a theme and  build around it. For a  Lion themed Birthday, here are a couple of suggestions for invitations. One for a girl and one for a boy. 

1st Birthday Lion Party Invitation
1st Birthday Lion Party Invitation by cooltees
See more 1st birthday party Invitations at

  Party Ideas:

Plan for the party to last an hour to an hour-and-a-half since babies have short attention spans and run out of energy quickly.
Plan the party for late morning or late afternoon after nap time.
Have guests bring a memento like a photo of a relative with baby,a toy, or a magazine with the year of her birth.  I bought
a Life Magazine when my daughter was a baby.  It amazes her what was going on in the world when she was born. Put these items in a  time capsule for baby to open on 21st birthday.

Make simple but very cute cupcakes by piping icing around the edges of the cupcake and using a icing pen to make the face.
Photo: Cupcakes Take the Cake
  Put the children's food at eye level to make it more appealing.  They love small cut up fruit, such as bananas, peaches,pineapple, and small cookies like  graham crackers, animal crackers.  Be sure to have some grown up food for friends and family members.


Small children enjoy playing with balls.  Try several different types. Small balls like these Kush balls or large beach type balls. Bean bag toss is another activity young children enjoy.  While they are outside, give them some sidewalk chalk.  Highlight the activities by releasing a bunch of balloons.

 Catch the Tiger by the Tail Game: (Easy to set up game that the older kids will enjoy.  This may be too difficult for a one year old.)

 Kids sit in a circle on the floor. The  child who is the lion  puts  a homemade Lion's tail into his waistband and begins circling the group and touching each child on the head and saying Lion.  When he touches a head and says Hyena, the hyena tries to grab the lions tail.  If the Lion can make it back to the hyena's seat with his tail, he is still King of the jungle.

Don't go overboard with the party, your one year old will never remember it, but be sure to have the camera ready to make pictures  for your baby to see later.

Ideas for an Over the Hill/Grim Reaper Party

Want to throw a memorable Over the Hill Birthday Party?  Why not plan a grim reaper party.  Here are some invitations and matching postage stamps to get your party started in high gear.  If you need a Grim Reaper Invitation for your Halloween Party, Contact me at Cool Tees and I will design an invitation without the numbers.  Scroll below to see some fun decorating ideas for your Grim Reaper Party.

Decorating Ideas
  • Black table cloth, black foods such as olives, caviar, black beans blueberries, licorice,  chocolate dipped fruit, etc.
  •   Visit a thrift store for vintage items like old phones, floppy disks, and anything that is old. Use them as decorations around the party room.
  • Be sure to bring out the ensure, adult diapers, false teeth (the toy kind) walkers, canes, laxatives, denture cleaners, prune juice, and brainstorm for other fun party items.
  •   Make an adult diaper cake,similar to the baby  diaper cakes. Use black ribbon around the diapers.  Decorate it with reading glasses or a magnifying glass, denture solutions, Bengay, laxatives,or whatever you think would be funny to the birthday girl or guy.

Free African American Princess Candy Bar Wrapper

Sample Candy Bar Wrapper
Free candy bar wrapper with an African American  princess.  Little Girl has a crown and is holding a birthday cupcake with a candle.  To make this adorable wrapper, supersize the image and print.  Cut away all the white around it.  Use a standard size Hershey bar that has been covered with foil. Leave the original wrapper intact.  Put the wrapper over the foil with the image to the front and the nutrition label on the backside.   Use a glue stick to run a line at the top of wrapper.  Secure wrapper and pass out as party favor  for your little princess on her birthday.  Her friends will love them.
Print this Free Wrapper

Check out these matching invitations that can be customized with the birthday girls name and party details.  Click on invitation to customize.
African American Princess Invitations zazzle_invitation
African American Princess Invitations by cooltees
View more Kids african american Invitations

Matching Stickers for envelope seals or for party favors.
African American Princess Birthday Stickers zazzle_sticker
African American Princess Birthday Stickers by cooltees
Create one-of-a-kind custom stickers cheap at Zazzle.

Matching thank you notes.  This is the final touch to a great princess party for your  perfect princess.

Kids Candy Buffet Party

Celebrate your Children's birthday in style this year with this cool idea. How about a Candy Buffet. This site explains how to set up a really neat candy buffet for a Kids birthday party. Send out some of these cute Kids Invitations and set up a sit theme party they will never forget. This site is bursting with ideas for of the best I have seen.

I Cheated Making Rainbow Cupcakes

Yesterday was my daughters 24th Birthday. I saw the cutest rainbow cupcakes on Red Mommy Crafts and wanted to make them. Well as I told Amber, I'm just not a spontaneous baker. This is what I came up can visit her site for instructions for the rainbow batter. It is really cool.
I think my cupcakes turned out pretty good, don't you? Thanks Walmart Bakery, Ashley loved them....Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

Surprise Birthday Party in a Box

On  my friends birthday I wanted to come up with something different this year to surprise her.   I had my daughter decorate a large box with balloons and confetti. She did a great job, it was a hit at the Post Office when I took it to be mailed.
I decided to give my far away friend a surprise birthday party (in a box). Inside the box I put:

  • Paper plates
  • Matching napkins
  • Paper Cups.
  •  party horns(her kids will love them)
  •  silly string
  •  birthday card
  •  her favorite snack  (Wise Chips)
  • and a wrapped gift(of course) 
  This is a unique idea if you have a long distance friend.

Bubble Label Birthday Party Favors

 Here is a fun way to help celebrate your little ones birthday. These make great birthday party favors. Take bubbles you buy from the dollar store. Measure the label that is on the bottle and make one with your birthday theme, or you can personalize it with the name of the birthday girl or Birthday boy. If you want to make it waterproof you can laminate one side and glue the new label on your bubbles.

Clown Candy Bar Wrappers

Mary Keller at Heaven's Harmony  designed these cute clown candy bar wrappers.  She also designed the baby face candy bar  wrapper.
She uses a baby sock for the clowns  hat.  What great party favors they would make for a Clown themed birthday party. These are sure to make any birthday girl or boy smile. You can find  these Clown Candy Wrappers at Heaven's Harmony.

Cake Slice Favor Box

This cake looks good enough to eat but it is made from cardstock. When filled with candy, this makes a great favor for your wedding guests. You can find a lot of free templates for wedding favors online.
Play around with different designs and I'm sure that you will come up with something you you will be very proud of for party favors. There are sites that have ready made cake boxes if you are not the creative can just print them out, glue, and fill.

If you are not the crafty type person, visit Enchanted Designs for great wedding gifts. We have many keepsake gifts, t-shirts for the bride and groom, t-shirts for the mother and father of the bride, and even wedding tips for your special day.

Use Hat Box as Gift Basket

Use a round decorated box
  • Pink Sugar Cookies, home baked
  • Favorite movie
  • Wine or sparkling water
  • Scented candles
  • Chocolates
  • coupon for a back rub from you
  • Music CD (romantic)
  • Bubble Bath or Shower Gel
  • Bath Cones
  • Lotions

Put excelsior in the bottom, place items in container,fill in gaps with shredded tissue that coordinates with your colors. Fit the box top onto the bottom of your box and wrap in tulle. Gather at the top with a rubber band and cut the excess. You will have a large fluffy bow.

Check out our Valentine's Shoppe for cute tees, mugs, keepsake boxes, and cute keepsake ornaments.

White Lunch Bags as Treat Bags

Have you ever thought of using a white lunch bag for a kids birthday party Treat bag? Here are the steps to designing the perfect treat bag:
  • Pick a design you want on your bag using a graphics program like Publisher, Printshop, or Paint shop Pro. 
  • You can put child's name or a hobby they love on the bag.
  •   Next  cut the uneven top off so it won't get hung up in the printer.
  • Print the design onto the lunch bag. It may take a couple of tries before you get placement right, but you can use the back to practice on.
  • Once it is set up, print your one of a kind party bag.
  •  Fill with treats 
  • Use a paper punch to make 2 holes,thread ribbon and tie a bow. Now watch the birthday girl or boy beam with pride for having such cool treat bags for their guests.

Visit our Children's Shoppe for more great gift ideas.

Teddy Bear Birthday Candy Cake

Colorful candy cakes are a spectacular way to celebrate a birthday or other special event. This edible cake makes a great centerpiece for a birthday party. All this cake consists of is round discs placed on top of each other. They can be secured with long pins and glue. Use minis with letters to write out your message, and glue them to the sides of the discs. Choose items for the topper and you are ready to put together a cake that won't soon be forgotten. 
Candy Cakes also make a beautiful centerpiece for bridal showers.

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