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Nurse Graduation Cake

There are so many graduations going on this time of year.  One special friend of ours graduated from nursing school this week.  Here is the cake a friend made for her. The cake is more beautiful in person.
The band aids looked so real, I had to touch them to see. The cake is pound cake and the only fondant is the stethoscope, band aids, and pills. The icing is a cool whip type icing. 
Congratulations Lauren and to all nurses graduating.  As a friend of mine said, Nurses are under rated.

Nurse Graduation Cake

My beautiful niece s a Nursing  Graduate.  Her Future Mother in Law made the cakes for her graduation party. The cake was a pink nurse's scrub with a stethoscope, pockets with scissors and a ink pen, and it had and ID badge with Krista RN .  At the bottom it had congratulations.
 This is a second cake that was called First Aid Cake Squares.

 It has red crosses and band aids.  Everyone was amazed at the creativity of these Nurses Cake.
She received many nice nursing gifts and it was fun sharing this milestone in her life.

Candyland Birthday Cake

This gorgeous cake is from I am Baker. This cake was made for a child's 4th birthday. I fell in love with this cake and so did my son who is planning to be a chef. It is inspired by the game Candy Land. I love the gummy worms on the top. The cake was well thought out.....and check out all the beautiful colors when you cut into it.
Really interesting links on her site. I'm ready to put on my apron
and see what I can come up with in my kitchen.

8 Custom Cakes From Debbie Cakes

My Niece loves baking and it shows in her cake designs.  She has sent me pictures of cakes that she has designed and has given permission to show them here on Gifts That say Wow.  She has since moved to the mountains and no longer has her cake business.  I wanted to share them with you, hopefully you will see something that inspires you with  your cake decorating.  She was kind enough to share some of her cakes. 

Fall Fondant Cake Design

My Son and his cousin made this adorable Fall Cake last night. They made it with fondant which is a smooth covering for cakes that makes it easier to decorate them. They cut out the letters with cookie cutters and colored the leaves and the letters themselves. They critiqued it all day saying this was wrong, that was wrong...I told them we are our own worse critic....Just don't point those things out and no one will  notice it. Anyway, I think they did a fantastic job on this cake and wanted to show everyone. Happy Fall Ya'll!!

Jungle Theme Cake

This Jungle Theme Cake is one my niece designed this week. I think she did a terrific job on this cake. This is one of my favorites. How Lucky is Connor. Wouldn't these Jungle Theme Stamps And Jungle Theme Party Invitations Set the Tone for this Cool Party.  

Sweet 16 Cake Design

How sweet is this sweet 16 Birthday cake. Love the flowers and the way she has the stems as a focus point. I love decorated cakes. It seems lately, I can't even bake a sheet cake without it baking uneven or cracking. If you have a daughter turning 16, check out these Sweet 16 Gifts. You are sure to find something she will love.
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