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Re Gifting Tip

An ugly word, but sometimes it just has to be done..all the bath washes, puffs,lotions,and sprays and other well intended gifts start to pile up after a while. This year I came up with an idea that I really liked. I took a big white basket and put excelsior in the bottom and put white tulle on top of that. I made a big red Christmas bow and put on the front of the basket....then I opened all the gift sets I don't need and placed them in the basket. This basket will serve as emergency gifts for the people we forget or surprise guests. 
I also intend to give gifts from my basket to my daughters study group that comes weekly. They will be thrilled to choose a gift from our  Christmas basket. With the gift packs broken down, even the person who gave the gift wouldn't be able to detect it was theirs...a little tricky but at least the gifts are not wasted and everyone is thrilled when asked to pick a gift. A Children's basket can also be made for the little ones.

You can also visit Enchanted Designs for Holiday Gifts that will never be re-gifted..

Christmas Wine Basket

  Christmas Basket with wine or sparkling water. Easy Christmas gift that doesn't cost much to make and is a wonderful  gift for a family. Included in the basket is 
  •  Sparkling grape juice or wine
  •  Two wine glasses  
  •   Hershey Kisses in a wine glass
  •   Mini candy bars in a wine glass
  •  Artificial grapes  
 This same basket can be used as a fruit basket, or come up with your own creative ideas. Presentation is everything. The red bow has Merry Christmas written in gold. The cost to make this basket..around $12 dollars, if you make your own bow.

Check out our Christmas Shoppe for cute items to put in baskets.

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