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Snowman Candles Made from Candle Jars

I've never seen a snowman I didn't LOVE, and this snowman is pure love. This genius  idea is from the website I Gotta Create.  Follow her tutorial to make this adorable candle to use during Christmas or to give as gifts. These are sure to be a hit with everyone.

Just Plain Cute Ideas for Christmas

Elf Donuts

Super cute Idea for Christmas morning. Along with cookies for Santa, how about some elf donuts.  These are made from cheerio cereal.  There is no link to this idea but I'm assuming that is powdered sugar and sprinkles.  No idea how to make them stick.  I guess honey could be used or Karo syrup.

Love this idea of dressing the fridge or dishwasher like a snowman. These appliances just shout "Look at Me".
Frosted vases with battery run tea lights.  Small circle of material or doily over the top and ribbon to hold it on.  I have no idea how the carrot nose was made but these are adorable. I'm in favor of a brighter colored ribbons.
Upside down gingerbread

 Wow...these are gingerbread men turned upside down and made into reindeer.  How absolutely clever.

Sparkly Wine Bottles for Christmas Display

Photo & Project: Cleverly Inspired

This is a great project for Christmas and it will put to good use all the wine bottles you have lying around.  If you don't have wine bottles, you could find some unique bottles at a antique shop.  You may already have them and just not aware since you had no use for them....until now.  Learn How to Re purpose wine bottles  using adhesive bonding spray and Epsom salt.

Personalized Cookies for Santa Plate, Santa Mug, and Bestie Mug

My daughter is making these personalized Cookies for Santa plates for Christmas.I love the idea of leaving carrots for the reindeer. She has also made the matching Santa Mug.

And these Besties mugs with for friends.  If friends live in another state, she add maps of the two states they live in.

Free Flying Santa Candy Wrapper

Flying Santa Candy Bar Wrapper to download and print.  Click on the wrapper before printing.  These candy wrappers are so good to have around during Christmas for unexpected guests, and children love them.  To make the wrapper, cover the original Hershey bar with thin foil and put the Santa wrapper over the foil.  The image should be on the front side.  Use a glue stick to run a line at the top of the wrapper.  Secure on the backside of the candy bar. Make several bars to have on hand.

Free Snowman Christmas Candy Wrapper

Click on Image Before Printing

Everybody loves a Snowman.  They are my absolute favorite for Winter and Christmas.  This cute snowman is sure to please any collector. This bar measures 5.2 x 5.5 which is a standard candy bar.  If it doesn't completely cover the candy, just put a thin foil over the Hershey wrapper and place this candy bar wrapper over the foil.  The image should be on the front.  Run a glue stick across the top of the wrapper and secure to the bottom.  You have the perfect gift for surprise guests, stocking stuffing, and classroom or work place goodies.

Free Snowman and Penquin Christmas Candy Wrapper

Click on Wrapper Before Printing

I love this cute fallen snowman and Penquin.  Candy wrappers make the perfect gift when you are in a tight spot with gifts.  They are the great for stocking stuffers and for the classroom and workplace.  Click on the wrapper before printing and use a Hershey candy bar. Leave the original wrapper on.  If the wrapper is too short, cover with a thin foil.  Run a line of stick glue at the top and wrap the bar, securing the bottom.  Instant Christmas gift for anyone.

Free Santa, Reindeer, Snowman Christmas Candy Bar Wrapper

Click on Wrapper Before Printing
Christmas is around the corner and it's time to start making stocking stuffers for the kids and adults too. This Christmas candy bar wrapper measures 5.2 x 5.5.  You must click on the wrapper to get the original size for the wrapper.  This should fit a standard size Hershey Bar.  If it is too short, you can wrap the candy bar with a thin foil and put this candy wrapper over the foil. The image is placed on the front.  After placing the wrapper on the bar,run a line of glue at the top of the bar and secure it to the bottom.  You have a one of a kind Christmas gift for friends dropping by, to stick in a stocking, or for your child's school buddies.

Snowmen Milk Cartons With Lights

Cute Snowmen using milk cartons, black card stock or construction paper, pom poms, and chenille pipe cleaners, jingle bells, and clear lights. This is such a sweet project for kids, it's easy and they will love the finished product. I have always had a fascination with snowmen and snow women too. I have a curio full of snowmen that I have received over the years. Need some ideas for Homemade Christmas Gifts?  Check out Free Fun Christmas.

How to Make a Cupcake Ornament

Bake It Pretty Blog
These are my new favorite thing to make.  I just glued and rolled 6  styro foam balls with tacky glue and snow flakes and am letting them dry.  Tomorrow I will make the cupcake ornaments.  Everybody loves them.  I made 2 for a friends children and now she wants one.  I'm going to make some of them with zebra cupcake wrappers.  Can't wait to see how they will look.  This idea came from the Bake It Pretty Blog. She has a step by step tutorial. I will post my pictures tomorrow when I finish making them.
These are so cool for Christmas gifts.  Everyone says they look so real, they want to eat them....
Not a good picture but here is my attempt at cupcake ornaments:  A friend wanted chocolate on her so I took black paint and drizzled.

Cute Christmas Reindeer Goodies

Melt almond bark, and dip nutter butter cookies. add edible eyes or make them with white and black icing.Use a red m&m for the nose.  Before the chocolate dries add  broken pretzels.  Idea from Munchkin Munchies

Bake cupcakes  and frost.
Use pretzel for antlers.  You can also break them
Use a Vanilla Wafer for the face,
White white candy for the the eyes or make from icing.
Use red candies for the nose  or Chocolate balls
Photo: With Sprinkles on Top

Reindeer Candy Bars are made by covering a candy bar with a plain wrapper and cutting out red noses, antlers, and gluing wiggle eyes.  Photo: Kerry's Paper Crafts.

Use a roll of sugar cookies found in the dairy section. Cut sugar cookies into triangles and bake.  Frost triangles with chocolate and decorate with pretzels and round candies.  Photo: All you.
More Christmas Ideas

Re Usable Cloth Christmas Gift Bags

  I love the idea of  these re-usable Christmas bags.  If you like to sew, these are a breeze to make.   I have a sewing machine buried deep in my storage room, and I think this will be well worth what it takes to dig it out.  These can  become a family tradition each year. There are so many beautiful Christmas materials for sale now, I can see myself going crazy with this idea.   This will eliminate the  mountain of gift wrapping paper after Santa comes. Here is the tutorial for these simple Christmas gift bags.

Milk Bottle and Doughnut Snowmen Treats

I have never ever seen a snowman I didn't like, but these cute guys take the cake....and snowmen are not just for Christmas anymore...I leave snowmen  out well after the holidays. Adorable snowmen milk bottles with powdered doughnut heads.  Here are the instructions to make these sweet treats:

You  need:
small milk glasses (these from Target work great)
powdered doughnut holes
milk, of course
To decorate, 
use  chocolate jimmies to press into the doughnuts for the eyes and mouth. 
The noses are orange coated sunflower seeds pressed into the doughnut and attached with a tiny bit of frosting.
 Coordinate  their felt scarves with the same color striped straws.
 And to finish them off,  glue  a few small buttons right on the glass.
 Clever idea to reuse snapple bottles. 
*Photo courtesy of  Bakerella

Popcorn Filled Ornament Project

I've had clear ornaments for a few years and decided to find a project to use them. ...I'm sitting here eating a bag of popcorn I don't want (at 12:30 a.m.) because I was supposed to put the kernels in the ornament and then microwave it.
Here are the instructions...Unlike myself, read them before you start the project. Even though my popcorn is small inside the ornament, it is still adorable.

Remove the metal top. Place 15-25 kernels of microwavable popcorn in the ornament. (Wipe off some of the oily gunk first.) Place the popcorn in the ornament and place in a paper bag. Put in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Listen carefully, you may not need to leave them in for a full two minutes. When the popcorn is done popping, remove the ornament carefully, it will be hot. Sprinkle some glitter in if you like. Tie a pretty ribbon on the top and hang from your tree.

Photo and Instructions : Make-Stuff .Com

Christmas Centerpiece and Room Freshner

This is the centerpiece I made for my dining room table. I put pine cones and cinnamon sticks in a clear dish and added a pine cone pick in the center.
If you have pine cones in your yard you are in luck. They can be spray painted and twigs and greenery can also be added. Then add cinnamon sticks for a great aroma all through the room.

I added a pick in the center. I have held onto this pick for years thinking something would come along that I could use it in...and it finally did. The pick has small pine cones, a small wrapped gift, and crystal balls.
It is a really simple center piece but it gets a lot of attention and the room smells fantastic.

Snowmen Christmas Treat Bags

I found these cute bags at Dollar Tree this weekend. This is my favorite because I have a obsession for snowmen. The others were cute too, most had a sequin on the tag or somewhere on the bag. I used the bags to make gifts for the kids in my Sunday School class. I stuffed each bag with candy and little items I thought the kids would love. I also found cross suckers that I added. We will give them to the class this week end at our class Christmas party.

All Wrapped Up Christmas Bear Candy Wrapper

Here is a Christmas candy wrapper I made several years ago. I love the All Wrapped up in you bear on this wrapper. Just click on the picture and print. To assemble the bar,
  •  wrap a regular size Hershey bar with foil...use kitchen or gift wrap...
  • fold the ends like you would a gift. 
  • Wrap the candy wrapper around the bar, making sure the nutrition facts are on the back.
  •  Using a glue stick, run a line at the top of the wrapper. Then join the sides together.
 This makes a pretty inexpensive gift for family and friends. Candy wrappers are always a big hit with kids and adults too.

Snowman Paint Can and Gift Ideas

Here is  a Snowman paint can craft project  I did for Christmas several years ago.  
You can make a snowman face in psp or the graphics program of your choice. I used a snowflake background and put a poem on the back. I bought a pair of earmuffs and removed everything but the part you see and wired them to the paint can. Another idea would be to put the face on the lid. This paint can was really a hit with family and friends. You can fill it with gifts.

 What do you fill it with? Here is what I put in mine:

  •  Carrot cake mix(the bagged cake mixes) 
  •  Canned frosting
  •  Christmas towel set (snowman of course)

 Let your imagination be your guide.

Angel Feather Gift

This angel feather makes a great gift for Christmas, but it can also be used for gift giving during other occasions or even for a friend that is battling cancer. All you do is remove the top from a clear ornament and suspend the feather. Add a bow and the following poem.

I am an angel feather
sent from God above
To serve as a reminder to you
of his precious love
I'm from your guardian angel
that God assigned to you

and fell out in her struggles
as she protected you
Each time you almost stumble
and each time you nearly fall
Thank God and all his angels
for answering your call

*author unknown

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