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How to Make a Custom Wall Clock

Custom wall clocks are always a welcomed gift and can be personalized with great results. You will get the general idea with this clock.   This clock was purchased for under four dollars. 
Follow these easy instructions for a one of a kind clock.
Find a clock template and add the picture you want to it using a graphics program such as psp, photoshop, or publisher.
  • Carefully remove the clear front off of the clock with a knife sharp enough to fit into the grooves. You need to be very careful removing this, if you get too excited, you can crack the plastic and you have lost the whole project.
  • Once you get the front off, remove the hands gently, remembering the order you took them off.
  • Your template should have the center hole already, but check it before you punch the hole. I use a punch tool that is the exact size of the clock holes. You put it on the hole and tape the instrument with a small object. The hole will pop right out.
  • Now it is time to re assemble your clock. Put a little double sided tape on the back in about 4 strips 
  •  Lay the template on the clock. Put the hands back on in the correct order
  • check to see that the clock is working before replacing the front...this step will save a lot of time because you may have to tweak it to  make it work.
  • Now it's time to enjoy your newest creation.
If you would rather have a ready made clock, check out Cool Clocks by Enchanted Designs. 
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