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Baby Food Jar Organizer

I just discovered a new use for a baby food jar organizer and it was so surprising and pure genius. It is perfect to hold all your spices.  I had a drawer full of spice bottles that never got used, now they are on my counter, begging me to use them when I cook.
I can't take the credit for this invention though, it was the idea of my friend, Lauren, whose baby had just stopped eating baby food. She is the one who came up with this brilliant idea.  The moment I saw it, I knew it was the answer to a problem I've had for a long time, buried spices that needed to be used before the date ran out. I couldn't get to town fast enough to buy this organizer.  Thanks Lauren for your great idea, some people are just so creative.

Fun with Mason Jars

I love mason jars, they are a little piece of nostalgia.  I have found several unique ideas for mason jars.  To make these awesome silhouette mason jars, use the tutorial link below.

Source:  Silhouette Mason Jars 

Make textured mason jars with puffed paint or foam letters.  Then  spray paint the jars for a great  diy home decoration.

Source: Textured Mason Jars

 I honestly thought this was potted plants in mason jars, but  actually it is dirt cake.  I have made several dirt cakes through the years, but this one fooled me. Check out the tutorial below.

Source: Dirt Cake in Mason Jars
I saw my first mason jar soap dispenser while visiting my niece.  I fell in love with them.  They are perfect for any decor, and big enough to last awhile before refilling. Learn to make these super cool dispensers.

Source:  Make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

   I love unique vases for my flowers and this one is simple to make.  Using a frosted spray paint and circles that you remove after painting the jar, you can achieve this look.

Source:  Frosted Mason Jar Flower Vase

 This is not a mason jar but it's a handy tutorial  to learn how to write on glass.
Source:  Writing on glass 

 Love these free printables of mason jars.  Visit Sweetly Scrapped to download her awesome jars.

Source:  Download Free Mason Jar Clip Art
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Hand Painted End Table

I have an end table that looks exactly like this.  I see a transformation in my life.

 This DIY End Table makeover is truly a trash to treasure project.  See the tutorial for this project at  Craft Tastic.

Recycled Towel Rack from Old Window

Recycled Craft Idea from Debbie Albert.  Easy  To Make Towel Rack using an old window.   her guest bathroom.  Debbie bought the window from a thrift store for $3.00 and the hooks from Hobby Lobby ($6.00 on sale).  She used leftover paint to make this project so the total came to $9.00. Love these trash to treasures projects.

Monogram Hanger From Old Cabinet Door

This Monogram Wall Hanger is  made from an Old Cabinet door.  Debbie bought the door from a thrift shop for $5.00.  The letters are from Walmart for $5.00. She had leftover black paint, and she had the chain and hooks.  Her cost was $10.00 but all items could probably be found for $15.00 or less.  And yes, that is really her initials.

Coffee Table Made from Old Window

Hard to believe this coffee table is made from an old window .  My niece Debbie bought the window at a Habitat Store for $3.00 and the table legs for $1.00 a piece at a Junk store. Total price $7.00. She is re purposing old windows and has alot of great ideas. I will be sharing more window ideas from her in the future.

How to Etch on Glass Tutorial

This is one of the coolest projects I have seen lately.  This site has step by step tutorial on how to etch on glass.  She uses the subway art which is awesome but you could use monograms or cute graphics for children's glass mugs.  There are a lot of ways to use this technique. Visit her site at A Girl in  Paradise for this easy tutorial.

How to Print on Fabric(Pillow)

Photo From My Repurposed Life

I am so in love with this pillow.  This is on my project to do list as soon as I buy the supplies.  The graphic is from the graphics fairy site.  I have been to that site hundreds of times but my mind never conceived an idea  like this.  I found this while I was looking for sewing ideas.  I cleaned out a back room today and dug out my sewing machine.  As soon as I locate my bobbins, thread, and machine needles, or most likely go and buy some, I'm going to do this. She warns about using your printer to  print on  fabrics, but I have printed on paper bags, tissue paper, and many other items not associated with printing.  It is just the matter of not leaving ends that will get caught in the printer. If you are interested in learning her technique visit her site at My Repurposed Life.  Don't forget to visit The Graphics Fairy for free graphics...we would love see any projects you make.
Here is a site called Instructables  showing how to use  freezer paper to print on fabrics. Lots of good info here.

What to Do With Your Oatmeal Boxes

What a clever idea for oatmeal boxes.  This decorated box is used for toilet tissue rolls in the guest bathroom. Two Rolls fit perfectly inside the box...but wait, there's more.
Use decorated oatmeal boxes to organize yarn, buttons, coins, nails, and this is just the start.
In the kitchen they can be decorated and labeled for dry beans, pasta, bread crumbs, and a number of other things.  My mind is in over drive here with uses for this round box.  This cool idea came from The Daily Green

Romantic Mason Jar Luminaries

I found these cute and *romantic tea light holders made with jars and doilies.  Such a clever idea that would be perfect for Valentines.  Several of these placed around a room can really set the mood for quiet Valentine's evening. You can find instructions for these at  Crafts by Amanda.
This site is full of cute craft ideas.

*Photo by Crafts by Amanda

Unbelievable Napkin Flowers

Can you believe these flowers are made from napkins. They are beautiful and any color can be made. Here are the instructions from the Me Making Do blog. This just blew me away. I am so amazed by the talent I find on blogs.Here are the instructions but visit her site for her step by step tutorial with pictures.

1. Gather your supplies, scissors, hot glue gun, paper napkins,
sticks crochet thread and a vase if you want.
2. Cut your napkin down each fold so that you have four squares.
3. Stack the four squares on top of each other.
4. Fold the napkin in an accordian or fan fold.
5. pinch together in the middle of the napkin.
6. Tie thread around the middle.
7. Hot glue your stick in between two folds.
8. Round off edges on both sides of your napkin.
9. Spread out each side.
10. Carefully peel each layer of the flower up.
11. Repeat with each layer
1 2. Pull your thread and continue wrapping around the stick.
13. When you have wrapped your thread around completely glue the ends
with a small dab of hot glue down on the wound thread.

Tiered Cake Plates

What a great idea to make party plates for your birthday party. All the items are from a dollar store. The plates are silver trays that have been painted and the center pieces are crystal candlesticks that have been painted in coordinating colors. What a cleaver idea to add a splash of color to your party decor. This idea is from Joy's Hope.
You can visit her site for the instructions. She has photos to help us visual learners.

Candy Flower Arrangement Using Candy Bars

My daughter Ashley made this candy arrangement for her Cousin's Birthday last night. She took miniature snickers and air heads and put them on Popsicle sticks and then put different colors of tissue paper around them. It gives the illusion of a flower blooming candy bars. Everything was bought from a dollar store so it was quite inexpensive and I thought she did a great job with it.

How to Make a Custom Wall Clock

Custom wall clocks are always a welcomed gift and can be personalized with great results. You will get the general idea with this clock.   This clock was purchased for under four dollars. 
Follow these easy instructions for a one of a kind clock.
Find a clock template and add the picture you want to it using a graphics program such as psp, photoshop, or publisher.
  • Carefully remove the clear front off of the clock with a knife sharp enough to fit into the grooves. You need to be very careful removing this, if you get too excited, you can crack the plastic and you have lost the whole project.
  • Once you get the front off, remove the hands gently, remembering the order you took them off.
  • Your template should have the center hole already, but check it before you punch the hole. I use a punch tool that is the exact size of the clock holes. You put it on the hole and tape the instrument with a small object. The hole will pop right out.
  • Now it is time to re assemble your clock. Put a little double sided tape on the back in about 4 strips 
  •  Lay the template on the clock. Put the hands back on in the correct order
  • check to see that the clock is working before replacing the front...this step will save a lot of time because you may have to tweak it to  make it work.
  • Now it's time to enjoy your newest creation.
If you would rather have a ready made clock, check out Cool Clocks by Enchanted Designs. 
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