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Kids Fun Activities

Here are several kids art and craft ideas that will keep your kids entertained for hours.
 I love rainsticks and these are super easy using coiled aluminum foil inside the tube.
:: How to Make Rainsticks
Open a glow stick and and put into a mason jar or other container.  Add glitter, close the jar and shake.  You have a unique Fairy Jar.
IMPORTANT: Please be sure to super glue the lid down so little ones can't open the jar.
 :: Credit:frompankawithlove

Kids will have a blast with this rainbow bath. By spraying the bath water with liquid watercolors, you can re-create this awesome bath time activity. This is a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and for little ones, to learn colors.  This colorful bath also has a treasure hunt under all that color.
:: How to set up Rainbow Bath

Awesome, awesome kids activity tables  using lights.
This site has tons of ideas for light table and items to light up.

Here is an inexpensive way to make liquid watercolors.  Such a great idea and kids can use their imagination with them. 

I love fun learning activities for kids and I really love the idea of activity boxes for kids.  Here are ideas of what to put in the boxes and links to other sites with these boxes.

Make Candy Bar Wrappers from Scrapbooking Paper

  We all love to go to Hobby Lobby, Michael's, A.C Moore, and Joanne's and drool over all the beautiful scrapbook papers. They are so mesmerizing It is almost impossible to leave without some.
 I decided to make a candy bar wrapper from my stash of scrapbook paper.
Here are the supplies you need to make them.
  • 1 6x6 piece scrapbook paper
  • 1 Hershey Bar 
  • Ribbon (20 inches)
  • 3/4 in paper punch
  • double side tape
Wrap the paper around the candy bar, tape with the double side tape. Put the tape on the outside of the wrapper(where my finger is) and pull the other side around to meet.  No tape will be showing

 and slide the candy back out.

   Punch a hole near the top with the hole punch (look from the bottom side so you can see where the hole will be located).
Put ribbon around the candy bar the long way

Slide the candy back into the wrapper and pull the ribbon through the holes and tie at the top.

The Chocolate bar will slide out when the bow is pulled.
 Instant chocolate gift!
 What did you make with the scrapbook paper that you just couldn't leave the store without?

8 Cool Monogram Craft Ideas

Need country craft ideas? I love Monograms  because they add a personal and emotional touch to crafts. 

Country Monogram Wreath
Love this  country wreath with wooden monograms. This Twig and Burlap wreath  is simplicity and chic all in one.
 ::  Wooden Wreath How to
Picture Collage Monogram
Easy way to add the finishing touch to a child's bedroom. Makes a memorable gift for many different occasions.
:: collage Monogram 
Kids Crayon Monogram

 Cute monogram for a kids room made from their favorite art supply...crayons.
:: Tutorial for Crayon Monogram (scroll to middle of page for tutorial)
Girls Flower Monogram
Love this girly,girly monogram.  What little princess could resist this glitter monogram with her initial.
:: Glitter Monogram
Monogrammed candle

 Love this technique for monogrammed candles. By printing off a letter on your computer and tracing it on the candle, you can then easily paint this gorgeous font onto your candle. There are so many beautiful free fonts available, the possibilities are endless.

 :: Monogram Candle Tutorial
Picture Frame Monogram
 Using your computer for the monogram, you can easily make a monogrammed frame with this easy to follow tutorial.

:: Glass Wall Art Tutorial
No Sew Monograms
 What a great idea to make no sew monograms. Use  iron on letters. You can use a standard font or use fancier fonts.
:: How to make No Sew Monogrammed Towels

Love this easy craft idea to make a monogram with cardboard and fabric.
:: Cardboard Monogram

6 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

 Fun projects for kids

Cardboard Tube Easter Crafts
 Toilet paper roll crafts are not my first choice for crafting, but this Easter Bunny and Chick are so cute I couldn't resist.   They would be perfect table decorations for Easter and so easy to make.  
:: Easter Craft with toliet paper tube.
Photo: Daily Leisure/Bunny Mask
How cute is this simple bunny mask made with a craft stick, pipe cleaners, and a pink pom pom for the nose. This is the perfect craft project for busy moms and an easy Easter  preschool project.

Easter Place Setting
How cute is this for a Easter decoration?   Wrap green forks, spoons, and knives with an orange paper napkin,Use 2 shades of green pipe cleaners to hold it together.   
  ::Carrot Napkin Craft
Chick and Bunny Cup Craft

 Cute  Easter craft using white and yellow drink cups for treats. Give them a little personality with feathers,grass, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners and you have a special treat holder.These are fun crafts to make with kids.
 ::Credit: n/a.
Peeps Cupcake Push Ups
 Adorable cupcake decorating idea for Easter  is made with a beheaded peep :) on top of a mini cupcake.  Kids will love baking these cute mini cupcakes push up pops. If you can't find the cylinders, you can always make cupcakes with the bunny head.  Either way, super cute.
 :: Cupcake push pop peeps
Paper Lantern Bunny Craft

Absolutely adorable bunny made from  a paper lantern bought at Dollar Tree. The face and feet are maid with foam. Makes the perfect Easter table centerpiece, but so simple the kids can make it.

Hand Painted End Table

I have an end table that looks exactly like this.  I see a transformation in my life.

 This DIY End Table makeover is truly a trash to treasure project.  See the tutorial for this project at  Craft Tastic.

4 Crafts to Show Your School Spirit

Show your School Spirit with these cute wooden bracelets that teens will love.  Buy blank bracelets at a  craft store and paint them in your school colors.  Idea from  Crafty Chica

 Make these cute Bobbleheads with the your school football  player's pictures. They are made with Drinkable Yogurt containers. Get the Step by step tutorial at Spoonful.

Use duck tape in your school colors to cover school binders. Idea from Yesterday On Tuesday.This site has other school spirit projects.

Put your school Fight song, school mascot, or school name on  t shirts with stencils.  Go to Mad in Crafts for her tutorial on how to do school spirit t shirts the easy way.

Candy Card for Husband with Printables

My husband loved the first candy poster I made him I decided to make him another one for Valentines.  Here is the front of the Card.
                                   Here is the inside

Here are the Step by Step Instructions with the free printables. Everything was bought at Dollar General.
  1. Take a 14 x 22 Poster board and fold it to open like a card. Use a bone folding tool or credit card to lay the crease flat.
    2. Print these words that go on the front, It fits a 8x10 computer sheet. Click on them before printing.

    Use a glue stick on the back and attach to card front.

    3. Glue the Riesens Candy to the front with double side tape.
    4.  Print this sheet for the inside. (Click on it before printing) Cut the word into strips so you can space the candy and  place them on the card the way you want.

    5.  Use glue sticks for the words strips and double sided tape for the candy.  You can add  # 6 if you can find a small box of red hot candy.  I couldn't find them here.

    This can be used for Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or other special occasions. You can come up with ideas of your own, but if you need it in a hurry, you can print the 2 sheets.  Enjoy!

Recycled Towel Rack from Old Window

Recycled Craft Idea from Debbie Albert.  Easy  To Make Towel Rack using an old window.   her guest bathroom.  Debbie bought the window from a thrift store for $3.00 and the hooks from Hobby Lobby ($6.00 on sale).  She used leftover paint to make this project so the total came to $9.00. Love these trash to treasures projects.

Monogram Hanger From Old Cabinet Door

This Monogram Wall Hanger is  made from an Old Cabinet door.  Debbie bought the door from a thrift shop for $5.00.  The letters are from Walmart for $5.00. She had leftover black paint, and she had the chain and hooks.  Her cost was $10.00 but all items could probably be found for $15.00 or less.  And yes, that is really her initials.

Coffee Table Made from Old Window

Hard to believe this coffee table is made from an old window .  My niece Debbie bought the window at a Habitat Store for $3.00 and the table legs for $1.00 a piece at a Junk store. Total price $7.00. She is re purposing old windows and has alot of great ideas. I will be sharing more window ideas from her in the future.

Valentine Candy and Flowers in a Vase

I have heard of Candy and Flowers for Valentines Day, but I have never heard of Flowers in Candy. What a creative idea from Angelo Home.  By using 2 vases, one smaller than the other, you can fill one with candy and one with flowers.  Visit this site for the  tutorial.  I am loving this idea.

2 Free Printable Scripture Cards( Magnets or Stickers)

Click on Card to Print.
We write scripture on Index cards and place them around our house as reminders of our Favorite Bible Quotes. I'm a visual person and I love graphics with my scripture so I decided to do some printable cards. This is my friend Debbie's Favorite Biblical Verse so I had her in mind with this card.  The card is 3.5 x 2.5 inches.

  • Print on Card Stock for Scripture Cards
  • Print on Magnet Paper to make Magnets
  • Print on Sticker Paper to make stickers
 They make great gifts for church groups.

 If you download these free printables, Please
Click and Print
 share on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, or sites where you friends can enjoy it too...thanks.  

How to Make Princess Robots for Girls

Sometime back I made these juice box robots that were a big hit with the boys, so I decided  to make a robot for the girls. This Princess Craft is girly, girly and channels the princess in all of us. This cute Robot Craft  is perfect for goodie bags at birthday parties or any special occasion.  It makes a cool  Snack Craft for Preschoolers and Toddlers.   They are perfect for Valentines, Birthdays, and group projects. Follow these instructions for the Princess Robots.
                                           Craft  Supplies:

  • Juice Box
  • 2 Smarties
  • 6 Starbust
  • 1 Small Box Junior Mints
  • 1 Scrunchie 
  • 1 Ponytail Holder
  • 2 Plastic Eyes
  • Mini Tiara (found in party section at Walmart)
  • double sided tape, glue dots, or glue gun

  • Use double sided tape on top of 6 Starburst. 
  • Balance the Juice Box on the Starburst.
  • Add Scruncie to the Juice Box.
  • Use double sided tape(or glue dots, or glue gun) to attach the arms. Put them near the back so your head will stay on and will be balanced.
  • Put Ponytail holder around the Junior Mints Box.
  • Glue Eyes on the Mint Box.
  • Use double sided tape to attach Junior Mints to the top of the Juice box.
  • Use doubled sided tape to add the tiara to the top of the mint box.
This is a fun craft for kids to make and share and great snack foods for kids.  
 Please send your pictures if you make these, I would love to see these and all creative kids snacks you make.

Cell Phone Candy Valentine Craft

Kids loving making cool cool Valentine Cards for family and friends.  Here is a  cell phone with a text message for your favorite Valentine.  These are super easy to make and it is the perfect project for mom and preschoolers and older children.  Cut card stock into 3 inches by 7 inches.  Make a template to get the most pieces from your paper. You can add your service carrier logo and other things to make it look more realistic.

  •  Choose a piece of colorful cardstock.  I only had this dull gray color.
  •  Cut cardstock into 3 by 7 inch pieces(make a template to get more pieces)
  •  Fold the cut pieces in half
  •  Use a graphic program to make your cell windows or hand draw
  •  Add candy buttons for the cell phone buttons.  I only had a blister pack of laxatives (sorry about that) but you get the idea.

If you make one of these, please send a picture  and I will share it here.

100 Hobbies To Consider

 January is National Hobby Month.  Hobbies are a great way to make friends with your same passion.  Children and parents can really bond when they share the love of a hobby.  Can't decide what to choose for a hobby?  Here are some ideas to get you started

  1.  Acting                                          
  2.  Amateur Radio
  3.  Caring for Animals                
  4.  Arts
  5.  Astrology
  6.  Astronomy
  7.  Backgammon
  8.  Badminton
  9.  Baseball
  10.  Basketball
  11.  Bead work
  12.  Boxing
  13.  Belly Dancing
  14.  Bicycling
  15.  Bird watching
  16.  Board Games
  17.  Boating
  18.  Body Building
  19.  Bowling
  20.  Butterfly Watching
  21.  Button Collecting
  22.  Cake Decorating
  23.  Calligraphy
  24.  Camping
  25.  Candle Making
  26.  Canoeing
  27.  Car Racing
  28.  Cheerleading
  29.  Chess
  30.  Coin Collecting
  31.  Collecting Antiques
  32.  Collecting Artwork
  33.  Collecting Music Albums
  34.  Compose Music
  35.  Computer activities
  36.  Cooking
  37.  Crafts
  38.  Crocheting
  39.  Cross Stitching
  40.  Crossword Puzzles
  41.  Dancing
  42.  Photography
  43.  Collecting Dolls
  44.  Dominoes
  45.  Drawing
  46.  Embroidery
  47.  Entertaining
  48.  Exercise
  49.  Fishing
  50.  Football
  51.  Four Wheeling
  52.  Aquariums
  53.  Gardening
  54.  Garage Saleing
  55.  Genealogy
  56.  Golf
  57.  Go Kart Racing
  58.  Guitar
  59.  Hiking
  60.  Horseback riding
  61.  Hot air ballooning
  62.  Hula Hooping
  63.  Hunting
  64.  Jewelry Making
  65.  Puzzles
  66.  Juggling
  67.  Kayaking
  68.  Knitting
  69.  Learn A Foreign Language
  70.  Playing an Instrument
  71.  Leather crafting
  72.  Lego’s
  73.  Magic
  74.  Metal Detecting
  75.  Motorcycles
  76.  Mountain Biking
  77.  Painting
  78.  Paintball
  79.  People Watching
  80.  Photography
  81.  Piano
  82.  Reading
  83.  Rock Collecting
  84.  Running
  85.  Scrapbooking
  86.  Scuba Diving
  87.  Sewing
  88.  Soap Making
  89.  Swimming
  90.  Toy Collecting
  91.  Traveling
  92.  Walking
  93.  Woodworking
  94.  Sun Tanning
  95.  Collecting Vintage Music
  96. Stamp Collecting
  97. Starting a Blog
  98. Write Music
  99. Fish Aquariums
  100.  Dominoes 
It is a fact that hobbies make you a more interesting person and learning new skills is definitely a great way to keep your mind alert.

Bed time Story Book Baby Shower Ideas

I am totally in love with this theme for a baby shower.  Super Cute Theme for Book Lovers.  Great for a Baby Shower that you want the guests to bring bedtime story books as the gift.    The tables are set up like a bed.  I had to do a double take when I saw the glasses and place setting on what I thought was a am amazed by the creativity of ladies throwing this
baby shower theme. This idea is from HWTM .  

Bring a Book Shower Invitation for girls.
Bring a Book Shower Invitation for boys.

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