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Organizing Pantry and Desk Drawer

My Newly Organized Pantry
 I am in the zone for organizing this week.  Cleaned my pantry yesterday and I keep opening the door and looking when I go by  I love these baskets with the handles, they are big enough to hold a lot of stuff, but not too big that everything gets lost.  I love that they slide out easily.  I also used a wire rack for my cake mixes and put the frosting cans under them.  This rack alone added a lot more space.

I'm ready for my next project which may be this cool idea from Lady Goats.  Love, love this drawer organization.  She made drawer dividers with rulers and there are no tools required to make this.  She uses a box cutter to make a guide to break the rulers.  Just too cool.   Desk Organizer No Tools Required Tutorial.
Photo: Lady Goats

Organizing Tips For Creative People

                    Creative? You can get organized
                                                  by Marcia Francois 

 Creative people need different ways to organize themselves because traditional methods won't work for them.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to organizing; in fact, I believe that since each person is unique, each person's organizing system should also be different.

Let's look at four areas to organize yourself for success:

1. Attitude
There's a myth going around that creative people can't work in a structured environment. On the contrary, having a bit of structure in your life actually enables you to be even more creative and to do better work.

A few weeks ago, a client emailed to tell me how she's been energized and has been creating beautiful things again.

What was the difference in her life? We'd worked on organizing her office space and within the order, she could be creative once again.

Stop telling yourself that you can't be organized; rather tell yourself that you organise yourself in non-traditional ways. And that's perfectly okay.

2. Schedule Traditionally, we've all been told to work according to the clock. I'm telling you to work with your energy cycles; don't do battle with them.

If you know that you tend to go through a bit of a slump around lunch time, maybe that's when you want to run errands or exercise to give yourself an energy boost.

If you design websites and you know that you're most creative at midnight, then design your websites at midnight Who says you have to start working at 8am?

3. To-do list Scrap the to-do list. Yes, you read that correctly. The to-do list may set you up for failure especially when you feel you're not getting things done.

Rather use an Eat the Frog list. This list helps you be more flexible so you only need to get the most important things done. My clients are always a bit shocked when I tell them, "the less you have on your list, the better it is". Just make sure those are important things on your list.

4. Workspace When you can find your equipment and supplies easily, your valuable energy is used for actual creativity and not wasted on looking for things.

It's so important to have your workspace set up according to your organising style. Are you a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner? Are you a paper or electronic person? Maybe the reason you can't seem to get your papers organised is because you're actually an electronic person.

I've had clients with very messy offices whose computers are perfectly organised, and vice versa. It's so important to play to your strengths.

If you register for the Virtual Organizing Makeover Session, you'll definitely uncover your unique organising style.

My challenge to you
  • Check your attitude and tell yourself you can get more productive once you organize according to your style.
  • And if you're not sure what your style is, find out here.

Marcia Francois is a time management and organising coach who empowers small business owners and other busy professionals who want to make the most of their time. You'll get simple, practical organising and time management secrets to help you work less and enjoy life more! Visit for your free Organising Success Pack

Microwave Table

This is an area I decluttered last month. This week end I put shelf liner under my bread box and microwave. I love the way it looks and it really brightens up the whole area. Another declutter project to cross off my list. I have 7 more areas to work on at home and then I'm starting on my Sunday School class. I'm doing the room in frogs. The kids are so excited and everyone wants to help...I have picked two girls that live near by to help. When we finish our room, we are going to hit the supply room (they don't know that yet). This is so addictive. Just because I'm not posting as much, doesn't mean I'm not still hard at work...LOL

Declutter Challenge Winners


August was an eye opener for all the ladies who joined the Declutter challenge hosted by Marcia (The Organizing Queen). She lives up to the name, because she is truly the queen of organizing. Marcia from HD crafts and myself were winners of the contest. As all the ladies who joined in, we worked very hard getting our homes into shape. I have said in a previous post, that I have cleaned and organized before, but this time was different. If I took pictures again of the areas I cleaned, you would see they are still clean, something that never happened before. And as my friend Marcia (HD Crafts) said, this is not the end but the beginning. Thanks to all the ladies who kept me motivated during the contest with your kind remarks. You all were my inspiration to keep going. And as Marcia (Organzing Queen)  said, you ALL are winners....and the journey continues.

Linen closet

The challenge has ended but the momentum hasn't. I cleaned my linen closet this morning. It has always been a problem because you can't put folded towels and washcloths on the same shelf without them overlapping. This is what caused the problems, when anyone gets a towel they usually dump all the cloths. I put them on 2 shelves and rolled the washcloths and put them in a clear container. I think this will be much better. What is so neat is I can put stuff behind the towels in baskets and that helps to keep them stable. I have 2 more shelves at the bottom. I also found the clean plunger we use if the sink clogs. A lot of good it was doing buried in all that junk. I have 4 bags of stuff going to neighbors that are thrilled will all of my decluttering.

My Dining Room Day 31

I saved my dining room for the final day of the August Challenge. This room looked like a battleground yesterday. It really didn't take as much to clean up as I thought. Once I bagged all the stuff to give away, everything fell in place. I am so proud of my dining room. Now we can actually eat there. I'm looking for a new tablecloth to match, but for now, it is a drastic improvement. I switched curtains from my bedroom and dining room, and Wow what a difference.

What I've learned in the past 31 days
  • Just a little picking up daily saves a lot of time down the road.
  • A clean house lifts your spirit.
  • My life feels more organized.
  • No cleaning project can intimidate me.
  • I'm setting a good example for my family.
It has been a wonderful 31 days. I have learned a lot and my family and I are reaping the benefits. I want to thank Marcia (Organizing Queen) for
the challenge. If you haven't been to her website, you are missing out on a chance to get your house in order. Also I want to thank Marcia (HD Crafts) for her encouragement all along the way. If I had not seen her blog about the challenge, my house would still look the same.
It doesn't stop here, I still have decluttering plans for a few more places I didn't have time to get to. Try is fun....honest!!

Tool/Craft Organizer Day 30

Remember the tool organizer I bought from Lowe's. Well it worked like a charm. I have all the small craft items in it that are so hard to keep up with, small embellishments, flowers, bows, etc. I also put paper clips, push pins, my cloth measuring tapes and the roll up kind too, and my cute wooden cut outs fit in it too. I will have to go back and label all the drawers, I have a few labeled but not all. The picture on top is one I dug up during my cleaning. My son did it in the 6th grade, he's a senior this year....I'm going to frame it and put it above the organizer.

Dresser Day 29

This dresser used to be so cluttered with jewelry and other stuff, you could barely see the top of it. This picture is not that clear, but you can see the dresser is decluttered. This dresser is next to our bed and I always lay my glasses on it the last thing before I go to sleep. Sometimes they would be on the floor in the morning because so much junk was on it, they would slide off. My husband has stepped on them before...I think he will be pleased with this new arrangement.

Another Gift Drawer Day 28

This is a newly organized gift drawer with lotions, bath gel, soap, and a lot of other bath products. Though it looks like there is no order going on in there, if I can find it...there is order. If something catches my eye and I think I can use it later, I will buy it. I also buy gift sets, open them, and make gifts of my own.

Pantry Top Day 27

This is the top of my pantry now. It has a basket with snaks like popcorn, chips, and candy. Felix is a cookie jar. The top used to be a mess with battery chargers, candles I didn't use, just a drop of point for things that didn't have a home. I threw out the cookie jar that hasn't had a top for 5 years and replaced it with this one. I think it has more personality now.

Dining Room Day 26

I decluttered my buffet, and what a change...I have put off tackling my dining room because it has the fall out from my decluttering projects. I know you are supposed to only touch your items one time, but I just had too much going on and I wanted to think about where to put some of the stuff. I threw out soooo much junk that was not being can see it is pretty bare, but it has dishes that I use. I moved the bowls to the opposite end nearest the kitchen. Why did I have them where they so hard to get to ? Oh my goodness this set up is so much more functional. Don't look behind my pictures though, that's where my husband puts his flashlights. I'll let them stay there...for now. Next is the sliding doors underneath. I read a tip today that said to work on a wall at the time, from the top to the floor. That is a great tip, but she hasn't seen my wall.

Kids Gifts Day 25

This is my new kids gift drawer. All through the year, I find specials that I just can't turn down. I buy the them, but I lose them. This way they are all together. I am very happy about this new drawer. Not only do I use these gifts for Christmas, but if I need a small gift for a child for a birthday or just to let them know how special they are, I can go in my drawer, stick it in a bag. No more emergency trips to the store for a gift.
Why didn't I think of this before. Like the year I lost my daughters fuzzy bedroom slippers I bought for her Christmas...I found them in July.
Christmas gifts would have to be organzied and hidden, but still the same concept..

Stuffed Animals Day 24

I love putting stuffed animals in gift bags for baby showers, Christmas, Valentines and other special occasions. It is my signature gift. When someone sees a cute stuffed animal peeking out of a bag, they know it is probably from me. I buy them when I find them on sale. Note all the bears with their arm in a sling...great for a get well gift bag. I had them all in a big plastic bag, I decided to put them in a basket on top of one of my craft organizers. Now I can enjoy them daily before they leave for their new home. I have so many, I have the smaller ones in a drawer with my basket fillers. Can you say obsessed...

Gift Basket Supplies Day 23

This is all of my gift basket supplies. All though they don't look that neat, I have them all in one place now instead of all over the place. I have all the shreds in the top drawer. The second drawer holds teddy bears, tulle, and and other add on items for baskets. The bottom drawer holds unfinished projects, and supplies that were on sale.

Bookcase Day 22

Finally cleaned this bookcase off. I had my cookbooks in the kitchen, which didn't work because it is too small. This bookcase is in the dining room which isn't ideal, but it works for now...the good thing about decluttering is you can go back and tweak it. It's like baby steps, get rid of the clutter, after you get over that, go back and remove more. I really have a problem letting books go, even to give them for a worthy cause. That is one area I must work on to be successful at keeping things organized.

Christmas Drawer Day 21

I have gathered all my Christmas supplies in a huge pull out drawer. Candles that I personalize, clear bulbs that I decorate, or most things that I use to make Christmas gifts. Even wine glasses that I put my Chocolate Buckeyes in as gifts during the holiday season. I will be sharing that recipe and a picture of my wine glass gifts near December.

Tape and Glue Drawer Day 20

This was an awful mess before I cleaned it out..tape stuck together, glue sticks dried up, stickers stuck to everything, guess that's why they call them stickers. I put all my tape, glue dots, and scrap booking glue sticks in this drawer. I put the smaller items in a basket. Notice all the tape I have...believe me, it wasn't on sale. I think I bought one every time I went to Wal Mart. I think this is the project I will benefit from the most. I can find my craft supplies and I will save alot of money not duplicating stuff I already have.

Bead and Glue Gun Drawer Day 19

This is my craft drawer after I organized my beads and put them in a small basket. I put all my glue guns and other electrical gadgets in this space. I am really excited about working on my craft organization because that means I will be able to get back to's no fun when you have to hunt each item down. Usually by the time I find them, I'm so tired I don't have the urge to do the craft anymore. My bedroom is a complete disaster today, but I hope to have everything done by the end of the week. I also organized the drawer above this one...I have all my ribbon rolls in there and I have a small basket for the left over pieces that I save. You never know when you might need just a little piece of ribbon. I do hate to throw away beautiful ribbons.

Utensil Drawer Day 18

This drawer was so full I could barely close it. I had to purge a lot of utensils I never used, and I may go for a second round of purging. I would never have thought that putting 2 long baskets in the drawer would actually help the situation but it did. I figured it would take up too much space....wrong answer. I can find things better than before. I have cleaned this space hundreds of times to have it back in the same mess in a matter of days. I know this time I will be able to keep it straight.

My Daughter's Room Day 17

I am in shock, this is my daughter's room. I went in the other morning and she had decluttered her room. It still looks a little "Full", but she has the bug now, so I know she will get a handle on it. Isn't it encourging when your good habits rub off on your family. I'm waiting on my son to join in, but I'm not holding my breath on this one...
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