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Reviving Old Sofas

A few posts back I showed how I stuffed my sofa with fiberfil (used to make pillows).  I  loved the way it worked.  It will satisfy me until I can find the perfect (or almost perfect sofa)
My niece Krista saw the post and tried it too.  She said she was very pleased with the results.  She sent the before and after photos: Here is Krista's Sad Sofa.

 And here is the After Picture.  It made a lot of difference to the looks but she said she also loved the way it sat after the makeover.
So now we can relax until the perfect couch is found.

Cute Spider Halloween Placemat

A friend and I went to Cracker Barrel yesterday and I found this cute place mat for Halloween. I fell in love with it and it was only $2.40 at 40% off. There was only one left which was ok with me, I buy placemats all the time and put them on lamp tables, in the middle of my dining room table, even in the bathroom. I'm only sorry that I walked out without the black cat pocketbook for my granddaughter. I was going to add it to the things I had behind the counter. After we ate, I guess I was too full to remember. Next time I buy before I eat.....
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