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Funny Deer Video Link

I love this video and have watched it several times...It is absolutely amazing. I couldn't get the video to load so You can use this link.

be sure to let your husband and any animal lovers see this amazing video. I think Deer Hunters will find this very amusing.

My Niece's First Deer (Her Story)

My Niece Susan shot her first deer this weekend...You can tell by her smile she is excited. It must run in my family for girls to hunt. My daughter hunts but has yet to get her first Buck.
Here is her account of the HUNT. So ladies, if you want you husband to get excited like Dean, learn to hunt.

  • I shot him about 6:15PM Saturday afternoon in Schley County Georgia. He is a six pt approx 150 lbs. My first deer, I had the opportunity last year to shot a 6 pt and my Father and Law spooked him. This was the third time I have sat.
Dean’s reaction was he hollered, knocked the hat off my head trying to grab me said it was AWESOME to watch someone kill a deer especially his wife. He has always been the shooter. Said it was an AWESOME experience. It was a special moment we shared, one I’ll never forget.