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Free Printable Easter Candy Wrapper

Here is a free printable for Easter.  Print the candy bar wrapper and wrap around a regular size Hershey candy bar.  Always leave the original wrapper on the candy bar. These are great as for Easter Egg hunts to give the winner of the prize egg.  Also print them out for Sunday school classes and children's groups.
 Here are the complete instructions to make your 

Instructions for Wrapping Candy Bars

  Click on the picture and print. To assemble the bar, wrap a
regular size Hershey bar with foil. Leave original wrapper intact.

(you use may use a pretty gift wrap instead of foil)
 Fold the ends like you would a gift.
 Wrap the candy wrapper around the foil
wrapped bar, making sure the nutrition facts are on the back.
 Using a glue stick, run a line at the top of the wrapper. Then join the sides together. 

Easy Bunny Cake

I had to share my daughters bunny cake she made for the egg hunt at our church.  We have made these for years and it is always a hit with the kids.

To make this cake, Use this diagram to cut  use 2 round cakes.
Source:dash recipes

Use can frosting and candies like jelly beans and Twizzlers to decorate. Be sure to buy pull and peel Twizzlers,we didn't and had to cut the whiskers out with a knife.

6 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

 Fun projects for kids

Cardboard Tube Easter Crafts
 Toilet paper roll crafts are not my first choice for crafting, but this Easter Bunny and Chick are so cute I couldn't resist.   They would be perfect table decorations for Easter and so easy to make.  
:: Easter Craft with toliet paper tube.
Photo: Daily Leisure/Bunny Mask
How cute is this simple bunny mask made with a craft stick, pipe cleaners, and a pink pom pom for the nose. This is the perfect craft project for busy moms and an easy Easter  preschool project.

Easter Place Setting
How cute is this for a Easter decoration?   Wrap green forks, spoons, and knives with an orange paper napkin,Use 2 shades of green pipe cleaners to hold it together.   
  ::Carrot Napkin Craft
Chick and Bunny Cup Craft

 Cute  Easter craft using white and yellow drink cups for treats. Give them a little personality with feathers,grass, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners and you have a special treat holder.These are fun crafts to make with kids.
 ::Credit: n/a.
Peeps Cupcake Push Ups
 Adorable cupcake decorating idea for Easter  is made with a beheaded peep :) on top of a mini cupcake.  Kids will love baking these cute mini cupcakes push up pops. If you can't find the cylinders, you can always make cupcakes with the bunny head.  Either way, super cute.
 :: Cupcake push pop peeps
Paper Lantern Bunny Craft

Absolutely adorable bunny made from  a paper lantern bought at Dollar Tree. The face and feet are maid with foam. Makes the perfect Easter table centerpiece, but so simple the kids can make it.

Easter Basket Theme Ideas

When my kids were young, it was tough to come up with creative Easter Baskets year after year. We all strive to give them baskets they  will remember. Here are some ideas to help in your quest for the ultimate Easter Basket.  
Photo: Faithful Provisions
  If you choose non candy items for your basket,make your basket around a theme or hobby. Why not  use something you know you will have to purchase in the future as Easter basket fillers. If you want to put candy in your baskets, choose several small bags of jelly beans, chocolate kisses, and m&m's, and ration them out.
:: Easter basket filler ideas  
:: Don't Miss These Great Ideas Basket Ideas  for Toddlers,Preschoolers,Pre Teens, Teenagers, Adults & Grandparents
Free Printable Easter Paint Can Templates
I think paint cans for crafts got popular because everyone wants something different. Instead of Easter baskets why not make paint cans and fill with cool Easter Gifts. Here are 2 printable paint cans from Gifts that Say Wow:
:: Free Printable Bunny Easter Paint Can
:: Free Printable Easter Duck Paint can.
If you are skilled at sewing, this is a awesome idea for using a stuffed animal for Easter basket.  Great way to re purpose all those lonely stuffed animals not getting enough love.
:: Tutorial for Stuffed Animal Easter Basket

 And last (but by no means the least), is a Easter basket made from an empty milk jug. This craft is so cute and there are  endless ways to decorate this cute bunny Easter  basket
I love this I am about to do a dumpster dive to retrieve my gallon milk jug I just trashed.  
Happy Easter and happy crafting.
:: Bunny from Milk Jug

Peep Pushups Easter Cupcakes

I never thought about beheading  a peep to make these cute  Love in the Oven made cupcake pushups, but I think they would be  adorable with just the bunny heads cupcakes.   These would be perfect for a children's Easter Party. 
  I love this idea!!!!

How to Color Easter Eggs the Easy, Cheap Way

With Easter not too far off, I thought this was a great idea from Hey Jen Renee.  She colors her Easter Eggs with Kool Aid.  It's such an in your face idea that it makes you wonder why we didn't think of it our self. (Well you may have thought of it, but I sure didn't). 
She has a great tutorial showing step by step how to make these beautiful eggs.  Egg coloring kits are so expensive and there is never enough for large crowds.  This is super way to save money coloring Easter eggs.

Candy Filled Bunny For Valentines or Easter

Here is a bunny I  made filled with colorful pink, red, and white M&M  candy.  Here are the instructions to make this tasty, tasty, kid's craft. Cute way to wow your kids at Easter or Valentines.
What you will Need: 

  • M&M's
  • 1 pink pipe cleaner
  • 1 small foam pink heart
  • 1 small pink pom pom
  • 1 large pink pom pom
  • Pink foam to cut ears and mouth
  • Brown or Black foam for whiskers
  • 3 wiggle eyes
  • Glue (I used clear)

  1. Fill the corner of a pleated  sandwich bag with M&M candy.
  2. Twist and Tie with a rubber band.
  3. Glue the bag to the heart so It will stand up.
  4. Cut the top of the bag leaving 1/2 inch, fan out.
  5. Tie a pink pipe cleaner around the rubber band.  Bend to make a bow.
  6. Glue small pom pom in center of bow
  7. Glue pom pom in the top of the bag
  8. Glue eyes and ears on pom pom
  9. Cut a strip for the whiskers from the black foam.  Cut 2 or 3 slits and glue in place.
  10. Break one of the wiggle eyes open and use the black circle for the nose.  Glue in the center of the whiskers.
  11. Make a smile with the pink foam and glue in place.
  12. Let dry before handling.
You have the perfect Easter Gift for your children or grandchild's Easter basket or a great Valentines gift.

Free Printable Easter Candy Wrapper

 Free Printable Easter Candy Wrapper that is great for Easter Baskets and Easter Events.  Follow the instructions below to make your wrapper.

  • Supersize the wrapper above and cut all the white away
  • Wrap around a regular size Hershey candy bar
  • Easter Image should be on the front
  • run a line of glue (glue stick) on the top of wrapper &and sides
  •   Crimp the ends for an Easter favor(closed end wrapper)

  *You can find crimping tools at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and AC Moore.

Free Printable Duck Paint Can Label

Free Paint Can Label for gallon cans.  These are fun to fill with gifts for Baby Showers, Easter, and many other occasions.  Instructions to make can are below.

  •     Super size the above graphics, print and  cut out. 
  •     Use a hole punch to cut out holes for handles.
  •     Use a glue stick to run a line on the short ends.
  •     Wrap front around a *gallon paint can and get placement before sticking.
  •     Wrap the back around and glue the side the same way.  You will be able to re-stick for awhile before the glue dries, but you can always re glue.
  •     Glue the can top label on the sides and make a cross or several strokes in the center so the middle will stick as well.
    You can add ribbons on the handles to finish off the look.

*You can find gallon paint cans at stores like Ace Hardware

Design courtesy of Scottsbabies

Free Printable Easter Bunny Paint Can Label

Free Paint can label for a gallon cans.  These are fun to fill with Easter gifts.  Kids and adults are sure to love these cans.  Follow instructions below to make a can.

  •   Supersize the above graphics, print and  cut out.
  •     Use a glue stick to run a line on the short ends.
  •     Wrap front around a *gallon paint can and get placement before sticking.
  •     Wrap the back around and glue the side the same way.  You will be able to re-stick for awhile before the glue dries, but you can always re glue.
  •     Glue the can top label on the sides and make a cross or several strokes in the center so the middle will stick as well.
    You can add ribbons on the handles to finish off the look.

*You can find gallon paint cans at stores like Ace Hardware

Design courtesy of Scottsbabies

Easter Bunny Water Bottles

Here is a Easter Craft Idea that kids will love.  Use Empty Water Bottles to make the cutest Easter bunnies ever.  The hat is a cupcake liner.  They make Super cute Easter Party Favors.  Just fill them with Jelly beans or a favorite candy.   

 Here is the  Tutorial for the diy Bunny Bottle  and printables for the ears and the hands holding the Happy Easter Sign. Kids love making crafts and Everyone loves doing  crafts with kids. This is sure to be a favorite craft.

Personalized Easter Baskets

I have posted ideas for Easter baskets before, but  since Easter is near, I decided to post it again to show how to make personalized Easter baskets for all ages.
 Of course there is the usual Easter basket ideas for toddlers and other Easter basket ideas, but this list also includes   ideas for adult easter baskets, teen, pre teens, and Easter baskets for babies.
If you are drawing a blank about what to put in your childs basket, here are some great ideas.

If you are doing several Easter baskets for family and friends you may be overwhelmed trying to decide what to fill them with. Often it works best to determine what your basket recipient would like depending on their age. Following is a guideline for choosing the contents for Easy Easter baskets by age-
For a toddler basket- You will want this Easter gift basket to be full of small things that will delight your child. Candy should be kept to a minimum since it is often difficult to regulate with a very young child. You could include:
  • Books-Cardboard books work especially well for this age group since they can stand up to rough usage.
  • Toys-Small toys will enchant this age child but make sure there are not small pieces that can break off and be a choking hazard
  • Bubbles
  • Puzzles that are age appropriate
  • A plush animal
For an elementary age child's Easter gift basket- This age group is ready to take on more complicated toys. They are the most enthusiastic about Easter and will be delighted to go through Easter basket. You could include:
  • Art supplies-markers, pens and pencils, paper and stickers
  • Travel games
  • Easter themed plush animals
  • Character based toys
  • Water toys
  • Candy and other treats that they enjoy
For a pre teen basket- While this age group may seem reluctant to join in the fun of a basket they will secretly love getting one. You could include:
  • DVDs of a recent hit movie for this age group
  • CD's or a gift card to download music
  • Makeup as appropriate
  • Locker accessories for school
  • Items that reflect a personal interest or hobby
  • Snack packs of treats that they can keep in their locker
For a teenager's Easter basket- They may seem even more reluctant than their pre-teen counterparts but you should not be fooled by their standoffish behavior. They will also enjoy getting an Easter basket with the following items-
  • A gas card if the teenager is driving
  • A gift certificate to their favorite store
  • CDs of a gift card to download music
  • Items that reflect a personal interest or hobby
  • Treats and other snacks that they would enjoy
For a college student's basket- This Easter basket may have to be mailed if your college student cannot come home at Easter. But you can let them know that they are thought of with the following items-
  • A money gift card(since most college students are always broke)
  • Treats or other food items that remind them of home. Whether it is home baked chocolate chip cookies or ones from a special bakery they will appreciate it.
  • School supplies
  • Items to decorate a dorm or apartment
For an adult Easter basket- An adult Easter basket can be personalized to fit the interest or hobbies of the recipient but any adult would be happy with the following basket. You could include:
  • Gourmet chocolates-don't forget a chocolate Easter bunny
  • Peeps-because every Easter basket should have them
  • A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant perhaps accompanied by movie tickets
  • Assorted Easter candies and trinkets as appropriate for the Easter recipient
For a grandparent- Whether a grandparent is near or far they would love to receive an Easter gift basket with the following items:
  • A small but easy to care for flowering plant
  • Pictures from loved ones
  • A digital frame fully loaded with pictures
  • A gift card to a favorite restaurant (many seniors are on fixed incomes and appreciate this)
  • An assortment of retro Easter candy for fond memories
Looking for more Easter activities? visit for crafts, coloring pages, recipes, poems, and the opportunity to share your best Easter memories.

Baby Bank Made From Toostie Roll Container

This cute little bunny bank is inexpensive to make is a perfect for a one of a kind gift for baby showers. Buy a Toostie Roll bank.  Most dollar stores carry them  

  • Measure the bank's width and length and make a template that size. Use publisher, psp, printmaster, photoshop. or a free online graphics program.
  •  add a background, graphics, or the baby's name, or come up with a clever name for the bank. Since I put a bunny on mine, I named it bunny bank.
  •  When you decide on the graphics and make your bank cover, you can then cut the template out. Just glue one end and place it on the bank.
This is a fun project , but the best part is when they open it, it has a baby onesie inside.
You can roll a onesie, bib, or t-shirt and put inside the bank. Cute surprise for the mom to be.
Check out these cute onesies with matching bibs and tees.

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