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7 Great Style Secrets and Tips


My Sister-in-law, Sue has a great sense of style.  I   never remember seeing her that she didn’t look fabulous . I love shopping with her for 2 reasons.  One thing is I’m learning all her “secrets”, and the second thing is she is completely honest about the clothes I try on.  Everyone needs a friend like her. 

 Secret 1
  One day Sue took 2 of the same size and same color pants in the dressing room.  She laughed and said I know you think I’m crazy but the same size can fit different. Truthfully I thought it was a little odd, but  boy was she right.   
On one of our shopping trips I found a blouse I loved but it was too tight.  Sue told me to try another one in the same size.  It was a perfect fit.  I’ve never shopped the same since.  

Secret 2
Don't get sold on sales, unless it is something on your needs list.  So many times I have bought a sale item only to put it straight into my Goodwill bag.
Save your money to buy something that you love. Now that you are shopping smarter you can afford a higher quality item occasionally.

 Secret 3
Forget the size tags. I know you all have been there, where you bought something because you liked the size on the tag.  It's a trick of the garment industry.  If you are a 14 and you find a 10 you can wear, you are more likely to buy it. Buy because you love an item, not because you love the size on the tag.

 Secret 4
 Build up your jewelry and scarves collections. Great necklaces, earrings, and scarves can make a basic wardrobe pop. You can take a look from plain to gorgeous with the right accessory. 
  I do look for jewelry at high end stores when they are on sale.  I go in with a game plan, not impulsive grabbing everything I like.

 Secret 5
 Find a tailor and make him or her your best friend. Mine just happens to be a friend and she is awesome. I try to find clothes that fit but sometimes the hem or sleeves have to be altered.  I'm not good at hems so they go straight to the tailor. Fit is what 
makes or breaks an outfit.

 Secret 6
Invest in the best undergarments you can afford. If the girls aren't in their proper place, there is no way you will look stylish.  Also invest in a whole body slimmer (the kind that look like a teddy) for a smooth backside.

 Secret 7
Become a quick change artist. Keep a scarf in your purse to instantly change your look.  Great if you have an engagement after work and don't have time to change.

Fun Ties for men and Tying Instructions

 I love designing neckties and I always enjoy checking out  the ties men are wearing.  Here are my newest neckties. There are ties for teachers, chefs, new dads, paramedics, pastors, and even one for men who love clowns.
 Novelty neckties that are great conversation starters.  Now you can put a smile on everyone's face.  They make great Christmas gifts or a fun tie for a boyfriend, husband, uncle, father in law, dad, or friend.
Christmas Skull Tie
Christmas Skull Tie by cooltees
Shop for Merry christmas Ties online at

Red and Green Christmas Tie
Red and Green Christmas Tie by cooltees
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Pink Christmas Bulb Tie
Pink Christmas Bulb Tie by cooltees
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25th Anniversary Necktie
25th Anniversary Necktie by cooltees
Look at another Tie
Peacock Feathers Tie
Peacock Feathers Tie by cooltees
Shop for another Zazzle Tie
Clown Tie
Clown Tie by cooltees
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Never Give Up Tie
Never Give Up Tie by cooltees
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Pastor Tie
Pastor Tie by cooltees
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Pet Paws Tie
Pet Paws Tie by cooltees
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Buck Fever Neck Ties
Buck Fever Neck Ties by cooltees
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Fully Rely on God Custom Ties
Fully Rely on God Custom Ties by cooltees
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Well seasoned chef ties
Well seasoned chef ties by cooltees
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Never Trust a Skinny Chef Neckwear
Never Trust a Skinny Chef Neckwear by cooltees
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Funny I Love Cows Necktie
Funny I Love Cows Necktie by cooltees
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Funny School Bus Driver Neckwear
Funny School Bus Driver Neckwear by cooltees
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Tying a Necktie: Four-in-Hand Knot

Tying a Necktie: The Four-in-Hand Knot is the most popular type of necktie knot and easiest to learn, probably over 80% of tie wearers knot their ties with this. The knot is long and straight but slightly lopsided.

Tying a Necktie Four-in-Hand Knot

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