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My Favorite 10 Blogs

This is a list of some of my favorite sites.  Many of them are humorous, some are recipe sites, and some are great resources for graphics.

  1. Craft Fail   Funny crafts that flopped...Just what I need when my crafts fall short.
  2. Cake Wrecks  I could spend hours on this site laughing at decorated cakes.
  3. Southern Plate   Great site for Southern Cooks and the photos are mouth watering.
  4. Joy the Baker  If I need a good laugh, this is where I go..her humor is as great as her recipes.
  5. The Pioneer Woman Read her story in Guide Post and fell in love with her.  Anything she says, I'm all ears.
  6. Cute Food For Kids Wish this site was around in the stone ages when I had such finicky eaters...I know I could have wowed them with these cute food ideas.
  7. Making Memories One Fun Thing After Another Love this site.  It reminds me of Donna's Day (a craft show my kids and I used to watch  everyday).
  8. PSP Tubes This is one of my favorite graphic sites.  Barry amazes me with his talent and he is so real and honest.
  9. Elegant Word Art  This girl definitely has it.  She can turn any quote into art.  Great for Scrapbooks and she allows it for personal use.
  10. Gospelgifs Another great site with free christian graphics. Great resource for churches and he allows them for commercial use.  His way to spread the gospel.
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