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Candy in a Fruit Can Craft

Love this idea I found on Come Together Kids. I have done crafts like this with a 2 liter soda bottle before. This is so much fun when the can is opened and kids find a very nice surprise. I had forgot about this fun craft. I have a special little girl in mind to do this for.
Another idea I had for this project would a children's object lesson in a Sunday School Class. Use it to explain we are to not judge people from the outside appearance but love them for what's inside.
If you would like to do a plastic 2 liter soda bottle, clean and dry the bottle , remove the label carefully(because you will want to glue it back) and take a knife and cut a slit where the label was. Don't go below the label area because you don't want it to show. Fill the bottle with birthday goodies or anything you want. Use a glue stick to put the label back on. This idea can be used as a gag gift and watch the surprise as they try to figure how that stuff got in the bottle.

The Price is Right....Games for Sunday School

For this game, gather several items around the house that you know the price of...a bar of soap, can of soup, candy bars, etc. I did around 6 items but you can do less or more. Make a small poster with the word "Heaven" Fold a index card for each of the items and put the price on the item on the back and a price you made up on the front. (Use different colors of ink, so you can keep it straight.) On the heaven poster write $10,000 on the front of the index card and 0 on the back.
One item at the time have the kids guess if the price is higher or lower, what they think it is. You can keep a tally of how many they get right, but we just asked without keeping up. When they get to heaven, many will think heaven has a value much higher than $10,000. Some will know better. Let them discuss it well before you reveal the answer. This is a great chance to share the fact that no matter how much money you have, you can't buy your way into heaven. We loved this activity, and the kids will probably never forget what they learned that day.

Human Tic Tac Toe..Games for Sunday School

This is a game our Sunday School kids love. Make a tic tac toe grid on the floor with masking tape. This even works for carpet. Make 2 teams. One are x's and one are o's. ( to keep confusion down, put a masking tape x on the front of their shirt on the x team. You can use review questions or bible memory verses. If the person answers the question right, they pick a place to stand in the grid. You try to get 3 in a row, just like regular tic tack toe. We did the memory verse this week. One person says the first word of the memory verse, if they get it right, they pick a square in the grid to stand,the next team has to say the second word of the verse, and it goes back and forth. Our kids loved this game and want to play it again next week. I am always looking for games kids love, so I will be sharing what I find.
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