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Nurse Graduation Cake

There are so many graduations going on this time of year.  One special friend of ours graduated from nursing school this week.  Here is the cake a friend made for her. The cake is more beautiful in person.
The band aids looked so real, I had to touch them to see. The cake is pound cake and the only fondant is the stethoscope, band aids, and pills. The icing is a cool whip type icing. 
Congratulations Lauren and to all nurses graduating.  As a friend of mine said, Nurses are under rated.

Graduation Gift Ideas

I have a lot of friends graduating this year from nursing school, high school, and college. I have been looking for graduation gift ideas and parties.  Here are some really cute graduation gifts I found.
This is one graduation gift I have never seen before. Absolutely clever idea and one sure to please, no matter the age.
 I have always thought these bottles that look like they came with the gifts inside are just the cutest. A slit in the side is used to get the gifts inside.  You can use the original label or make your own custom label.
I really like this box decorated like a graduation cap.  It is perfect for graduation cards and money.There are probably a lot more ideas  that can be done with this box
Sometimes the most simple things are so cute.  I would use 2 ribbons with the school colors and also wrap them in a clear wrap.  They would be great to give as favors if they are wrapped.

Here are a few nursing graduation party invitations:

Custom Pharmacist Graduation Invitation
Custom Pharmacist Graduation Invitation by cooltees
Find more Pharmacist Invitations at Zazzle
Here's a clever idea to make tassels that match your school colors. This is for a tassel necklace but it would work well for graduation decorations.

Nurse Graduation Cake

My beautiful niece s a Nursing  Graduate.  Her Future Mother in Law made the cakes for her graduation party. The cake was a pink nurse's scrub with a stethoscope, pockets with scissors and a ink pen, and it had and ID badge with Krista RN .  At the bottom it had congratulations.
 This is a second cake that was called First Aid Cake Squares.

 It has red crosses and band aids.  Everyone was amazed at the creativity of these Nurses Cake.
She received many nice nursing gifts and it was fun sharing this milestone in her life.

Fun Cheese Dipoma Graduation Snacks

Here is a cool idea for graduation parties.  This photo and cheese diploma is from Family Fun.

  • Sandwich Meat (1 slice per diploma)
  • Sliced cheese (Swiss or provolone work best)
  • Scallions
  • Red, orange, and green bell pepper (optional)
  1. For each diploma, stack a slice of sandwich meat on a slice of cheese.
  2. Roll them up and tie each diploma with a scallion.
  3. For a festive presentation, jazz up the plate with chopped pepper confetti.

Jello Shots in a Syringe

 Jello Shot Syringes are a favorite with Medical Students  at   graduation Parties, but it doesn't stop there, Jello shots for Halloween are popular too. They are super fun for your guests and easy to make. 
 How to make Jello Syringes:  Replace half the water with alcohol. 
  •  Heat 1 cup water, stir in the jello to melt
  •  Add 1 cup alcohol 
  •  Pull the liquid into the  syringes
  •  Cool for 2-3 hours.
*Add a drop of blue food coloring to make the shots more realistic.

Some replace all the liquid with alcohol.  It is up to you how drunk you want your guests.

  Jello shot Syringes  can be purchased at the following link:   

   Jello Shot Syringes at Amazon

Don't forget the kids, these syringes can be used at vampire birthday parties or Halloween parties without the alcohol. 


Graduation Reese Cup Candy Pops

These simple candy pops are a great way to add extra fun to graduation celebrations.  With a mini Reese cup, a small chocolate square, and air head extreme belts, they are simple to make.   Visit Bakerella for Instructions  to learn how to make these and to make them in different colors.

Lifesaver Candy Roll Diplomas

My niece is graduating in May and wanted me to make graduation favors for her graduating class. After several days I came up with the idea of taking a diploma certificate design  and making a lifesaver candy roll wrapper from it. It looked like a mini diploma with her school colors.   Krista is so thrilled with the candy rolls and can hardly wait to give them out.

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