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(Craft Fail) Halloween Gloves Filled With Candy

Craft Fail!!! Not happy at all with the way these Halloween candy gloves turned out and can't believe I'm posting this. The gloves where  HUGE. 3 times too big for my hands. So much for one size fits all.  Well back to the  One roll of sweet tarts should fill the finger of the glove, and  you can add a spider ring.  Fill the rest of the glove with your favorite candies, tie with a colorful  ribbon (I only had black) and hopefully it will look much better than this.  Learn through my mistake and buy small or medium gloves and the clear gloves would show the candy much better.  I guess the Kids at Fall Fest won't mind how they look, if I can get up the nerve to pass them out.  I do have a reputation to protect here.

UPDATE : These gloves were a hit at a Halloween Party, and it was the adults loving them.  You just never know!!

Cute and Easy Halloween Luminaries for Kids

Photo: A Grande Life

Loved this idea for small kids.  As I read the post, I remembered all the times my kids and I made crafts for the different seasons. I'm so glad I invested this time with my kidsIt is such a small thing but leaves a lasting impression.  My 27 year old still talks about the things we made.  Money was tight back in those days but how much does it take to use left over jars and a little imagination. I was so touched when the writer said her son couldn't wait to put out his luminaries for Halloween. It just brought a flood of memories about time well spent.  You can get her picture tutorial on A Grande Life.

Monster and Bloody Eyeballs Halloween Treats

Photo:Sweet Simple Stuff
Here's a monster cupcake that the kids will enjoy for Halloween. What tablescape wouldn't get noticed with this cute fellow hanging around. Click on  Monster Cupcakes for picture tutorial (love pictures I'm a visual learner). You can always leave the blood off for the younger kids.  If you really want to gross them out, serve up a plate of Bloody Eyeballs.

How to Make a Scarecrow with Candy

This  cute Scarecrow candy can be found on  So simple and cute. She comes up with some really cute Ideas. These would make any child or grandchild giggle with delight. Just glue the candy to the box with quick set glue, tie raffia around the neck and legs.  She also suggested using a piece of yarn to make a necklace.  Super cute!!For a healthy alternative she suggested using boxes of raisins instead of the milk duds.
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