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Honduras Mission Trip

The hour is getting close for Ashley to leave for Honduras. She is the one in the Clemson hoodie...go Tigers!!
In 3 hours we will be leaving to take her to meet her team. This picture is some of her friends that have come to see her off. It sure helps to have family and friends near. They asked if I was going to cry again this year...I'm going to put my brave face on tonight. Right now I feel ok, but I've been there enough times to know the dread that sets in as we see the van pull off.  Please pray for my baby (age 22) this week. As sad as I am to see her go, I know she is in the Lord's will. And I know that I will be twice as happy when she gets back.

Honduras Mission Trip Pictures

My daughter Ashley is getting ready for her 5th Honduras Mission trip on the 20th of February.
These are pictures from her last trip. I love to listen to the stories she tells about the kids in Honduras, though many of them are heart wrenching. I think about these kids and families often. Though we are all touched by the economic situation here in America, we are so blessed. Just to have running water, food in the refrigerator,and a loving family to turn to when times are tough....a lot of these kids have nothing but what the missionaries provide when they come into the village.
Ashley wants to become a full time missionary and has a 4 year plan. My mother side is proud of her, my selfish side says, why her Lord. I'm crying as I write this, and I know it will get worse as the years tick off. I can almost feel Hannah's pain as she gave her son Samuel to Eli.
For all of you praying mother's, please pray for Ashley, that she will get the funds she needs to go this year, that the trip will be a safe, and that lives will be changed through the salvation of these precious children.
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