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How to Make Frog Baseball Cap

This is just the cutest cap ever. Any kid would enjoy wearing this attention getting cap and it's easy to make. You will find the instructions for this cool project on Crafts by Amanda. She also has a ladybug cap and the instructions for it on her site. This site is a power house of cute crafts.

Pulling Money From a Box Craft

This is absolutely one of the cutest ideas I've seen in a while...who wouldn't love money that keeps coming from a box? The lady who did this craft has instructions on her site 
Pittypat Paperie.
She also has the dollar bill graphic so you can add a picture of the person receiving the money box. Love, love, love this idea. I know what my granddaughter will be getting for her birthday.

Clown Candy Bar Wrappers

Mary Keller at Heaven's Harmony  designed these cute clown candy bar wrappers.  She also designed the baby face candy bar  wrapper.
She uses a baby sock for the clowns  hat.  What great party favors they would make for a Clown themed birthday party. These are sure to make any birthday girl or boy smile. You can find  these Clown Candy Wrappers at Heaven's Harmony.

Crown Princess Paint Can

Here is a paint can fit for a princess. It's the perfect gift for a princess themed birthday party.If you have graphics software this is a easy project that will take only about an hour. What sets it off is the marabou around the top and then the princess crown. The crown was purchased at a dollar store. Streamers on the side add to the festive look of this gift can.
Add a star pen, activity pads, crayons, a favorite candy,games, and coupons for the perfect gift for your little princess.

Suitcase Baby Shower Gift

Give this fun Suitcase Baby Shower Gift for a mom to be.  The suitcase was purchased at a craft store, but any cute small suitcase will work just as well.  Here are the instructions:
  •  Fill with newspaper and layer with a thin layer of excelsior.
  •  Now add the gifts for a new baby such as onsies,baby wipes, socks,shoes, baby powder or anything baby related. 
  • Fill the gaps with shredded paper in a coordinating color. 
  • Make a luggage tag with the baby to be's name. 
  • You can add plastic keys (rattles) for more color. 
Blue can be used for Boys and you can also do a Bride on the Go and fill with wedding Items. 
Check out our Baby Shoppe for great gift ideas.

White Lunch Bags as Treat Bags

Have you ever thought of using a white lunch bag for a kids birthday party Treat bag? Here are the steps to designing the perfect treat bag:
  • Pick a design you want on your bag using a graphics program like Publisher, Printshop, or Paint shop Pro. 
  • You can put child's name or a hobby they love on the bag.
  •   Next  cut the uneven top off so it won't get hung up in the printer.
  • Print the design onto the lunch bag. It may take a couple of tries before you get placement right, but you can use the back to practice on.
  • Once it is set up, print your one of a kind party bag.
  •  Fill with treats 
  • Use a paper punch to make 2 holes,thread ribbon and tie a bow. Now watch the birthday girl or boy beam with pride for having such cool treat bags for their guests.

Visit our Children's Shoppe for more great gift ideas.
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