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Lion Themed Birthday Party for 1st Birthday

Your baby's First Birthday is a very special occasion and you want to celebrate this wonderful little person who has forever changed your life. For the Perfect Birthday Party, start with  a theme and  build around it. For a  Lion themed Birthday, here are a couple of suggestions for invitations. One for a girl and one for a boy. 

1st Birthday Lion Party Invitation
1st Birthday Lion Party Invitation by cooltees
See more 1st birthday party Invitations at

  Party Ideas:

Plan for the party to last an hour to an hour-and-a-half since babies have short attention spans and run out of energy quickly.
Plan the party for late morning or late afternoon after nap time.
Have guests bring a memento like a photo of a relative with baby,a toy, or a magazine with the year of her birth.  I bought
a Life Magazine when my daughter was a baby.  It amazes her what was going on in the world when she was born. Put these items in a  time capsule for baby to open on 21st birthday.

Make simple but very cute cupcakes by piping icing around the edges of the cupcake and using a icing pen to make the face.
Photo: Cupcakes Take the Cake
  Put the children's food at eye level to make it more appealing.  They love small cut up fruit, such as bananas, peaches,pineapple, and small cookies like  graham crackers, animal crackers.  Be sure to have some grown up food for friends and family members.


Small children enjoy playing with balls.  Try several different types. Small balls like these Kush balls or large beach type balls. Bean bag toss is another activity young children enjoy.  While they are outside, give them some sidewalk chalk.  Highlight the activities by releasing a bunch of balloons.

 Catch the Tiger by the Tail Game: (Easy to set up game that the older kids will enjoy.  This may be too difficult for a one year old.)

 Kids sit in a circle on the floor. The  child who is the lion  puts  a homemade Lion's tail into his waistband and begins circling the group and touching each child on the head and saying Lion.  When he touches a head and says Hyena, the hyena tries to grab the lions tail.  If the Lion can make it back to the hyena's seat with his tail, he is still King of the jungle.

Don't go overboard with the party, your one year old will never remember it, but be sure to have the camera ready to make pictures  for your baby to see later.

Checklist for Kid's Birthday party

Photo Credit: Peppers and Pollywogs

Here is a Great Checklist for Children's Birthday Parties Visit Peppers and Pollywogs for Party Ideas and tips.

   Kids' Birthday Party Checklist

  • Choose a theme with your child
  • Determine the guest list
  • Reserve your party venue or hire a party entertainer 
  • Prepare your invitations
  • Ask for an updated class list from your child’s teacher
  • Determine games, activities and menu to match your party theme
  • If ordering a cake, place your order 

  • Mail invitations
  • Check for Invitations Cool Tees and Baby World.

  •  Purchase party supplies, especially if ordering on-line

  • Arrange for extra help, if necessary 
  • Create a party flow schedule
  • Purchase more party supplies as needed
  • Call families who have not yet responded to your invitation 
  • Purchase food
  • Purchase batteries for camera
  • Charge video camera
  • Call entertainer to confirm appearance and expectations
  • Call party venue to confirm all details
  • Assemble party favors 
  • Bake cake or pick up pre-ordered cake
  • Confirm help if using extra help
  • Decorate home or gather decorations for party venue
  • Prepare make-ahead food 

  • Send thank you notes! 

Sailing Themed Birthday Party Invitations and Gifts

If you are planning a Nautical theme party for your favorite sailor, here are some great party invitations, stickers, cake picks, banners, and much more to get your birthday boy excited about his birthday.
  Here a a few Party Ideas: Use clear glass cylinders, add sand and fill with seashells. Use a fishnet over the table cloth and put toy crabs and other sea creatures. Use round gummies as life savers. Place in a clear glass and label. For Snacks serve goldfish crackers and make submarine sandwiches with all the trimmings. 
Here are some of the items available.  Visit the shop to see all Sailing Theme Party  products. 

Free African American Princess Candy Bar Wrapper

Sample Candy Bar Wrapper
Free candy bar wrapper with an African American  princess.  Little Girl has a crown and is holding a birthday cupcake with a candle.  To make this adorable wrapper, supersize the image and print.  Cut away all the white around it.  Use a standard size Hershey bar that has been covered with foil. Leave the original wrapper intact.  Put the wrapper over the foil with the image to the front and the nutrition label on the backside.   Use a glue stick to run a line at the top of wrapper.  Secure wrapper and pass out as party favor  for your little princess on her birthday.  Her friends will love them.
Print this Free Wrapper

Check out these matching invitations that can be customized with the birthday girls name and party details.  Click on invitation to customize.
African American Princess Invitations zazzle_invitation
African American Princess Invitations by cooltees
View more Kids african american Invitations

Matching Stickers for envelope seals or for party favors.
African American Princess Birthday Stickers zazzle_sticker
African American Princess Birthday Stickers by cooltees
Create one-of-a-kind custom stickers cheap at Zazzle.

Matching thank you notes.  This is the final touch to a great princess party for your  perfect princess.

Kids Custom Pilot Birthday Invitation

Pilot Birthday Invitation invitation
Pilot Birthday Invitation by babyworld
Make invites and announcements at zazzle

  Custom Birthday Invitation . Can be easily customized with your party information for a cool invitation for a future pilot or kids who love airplanes. Check out all the Birthday Invitations on
BABY WORLD.  Choose from cowboys, pirates, princesses, frogs, firefighters, racecars and much more.
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