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Tips for Nurses, Gift Ideas, Useful Web Tools

Great tips and tools for a nurses

Blood There are a number of simple blood stain-removal methods. But hydrogen peroxide is probably available where you work and that does a number on blood. Make sure to avoid hot water.
Oil-based medications Baby or talcum powder will absorb grease. Or pretreat by pouring some detergent onto the spot and allowing to set for 10 minutes before washing. Some say dish soap is the most effective grease remover.
Alcohol-based medications Pretreat with detergent and rinse with cold water before throwing in the washer. If stain is stubborn, Good Housekeeping recommends pretreating a second time, and allowing the fabric to soak in cold water before washing again.
Feces An easy tidbit from Apartment Therapy: Letting stained fabric lie in the sun will resolve fecal stains (or, as referred to in this post, “Poo stains”). That, my friends, is called solar power.
Ball point pen Remove with rubbing alcohol.
Adhesives Soak in cool water to remove water-soluble adhesives.
Iodine Soak in warm water for 20 minutes with detergent, then wash, along with an oxygen-based bleach.
Vomit Rinse clean, pretreat with detergent, and wash in warm water.
Baby formula StainRemoval101 says first rinse, then pretreat with detergent and soak in cold water for about 30 minutes before washing.
Coffee For coffee stains, immediately blot stain to absorb excess liquid. Sponge stain with 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts warm water. Once stain is lifted, rinse and wash.
Mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar in ½ cup water and sponge solution onto affected areas to lift stain.

Source: scrub nurse 

 Unique Nurse Gifts

Personalized RN Fleece Tshirts
Personalized RN Fleece Tshirts by cooltees
Browse Registered nurse T-Shirts
Need a personalized Nurse gift for your favorite nurse.  Easily add a name to this quality Fleece.   
RN Registered Nurse T-shirts
RN Registered Nurse T-shirts by cooltees
See other Nurse T-Shirts

Great RN T shirt for your favorite Registered Nurse. 
I Love Nursing Neckties
I Love Nursing Neckties by cooltees
Customise tie designs at Zazzle

Don't forget the male nurses.  This tie has a heart monitor in a red heart. Guys love it.

Fondant Cupcake Toppers for Nurses

 Super Cute ideas for nurse cupcakes. If you can't make them, take the picture to your favorite bakery.

Photo credit: cakewrecks

How to Choose Scrubs Clothing

Find the best style for your body type with this scrub style Tool.  Answer 3 questions to find the style best for you.

Click on Scrub Style Tool 

Custom Exercise Plan for Nurses

  Oh my aching back.  Quick exercises for back pain.  

Click on  Back exercises for nurses

Professional Nurses Resume Writing

 Need help with your resume?  Here is a resume creator especially for nurses.  Register at this site, add your info and it generates a resume for you. Click on link below. Also great nurse resume tips.

Create Top Nursing Resumes Here

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Jello Shots in a Syringe

 Jello Shot Syringes are a favorite with Medical Students  at   graduation Parties, but it doesn't stop there, Jello shots for Halloween are popular too. They are super fun for your guests and easy to make. 
 How to make Jello Syringes:  Replace half the water with alcohol. 
  •  Heat 1 cup water, stir in the jello to melt
  •  Add 1 cup alcohol 
  •  Pull the liquid into the  syringes
  •  Cool for 2-3 hours.
*Add a drop of blue food coloring to make the shots more realistic.

Some replace all the liquid with alcohol.  It is up to you how drunk you want your guests.

  Jello shot Syringes  can be purchased at the following link:   

   Jello Shot Syringes at Amazon

Don't forget the kids, these syringes can be used at vampire birthday parties or Halloween parties without the alcohol. 


Pink Stephoscope Nurse Paint Can

This nurse's gift paint can is designed like a scrub uniform  with a Stethoscope.   It is filled with lots of  practical gifts nurses  love including:
  •  hand sanitizer 
  •  a pen
  •  notebook 
  •  M & M candy 
  •  hand lotion 
  •  candy bar  
  You can personalize it even further by putting the nurses name on the can. 
For other great gift ideas check out I Love being a Nurse at Enchanted Designs. There are many other useful gifts that could be put in Paint cans such as a rolled up Nurses T Shirt, a mug, buttons, and keyrings.
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