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Mrs Claus' Online Cookbook


This is The Mrs Claus Cookbook also known as the North pole Cookbook. Great Recipes Just in time for Christmas. Click on Each Picture of Lots of Recipes:

50+ Friends Club Recipes

Another great website that is absolutely brimming with great recipes...visit 50 + Friends Club.
Don't let the name fool you,  One section I really like is the crock pot recipes which is good for busy moms. When I worked out of the home, I used my crock pot a lot...but even working from home I use it a good bit...if I am really involved with something, it is so easy to grab some items and throw them in the pot..

North Pole Online Cookbook

My son Kyle is planning a career as a chef. He is always turning me on to cool recipes, cooking tips, and he stays tuned in to Food Network 24/7.
In his Culinary Art class today, they had a production,which they cook for for school officials. He came home with a website that one of the teachers told him about. This site is desert heaven. Recipes are simple, and  delicious. I will be using this site for my Christmas goodies. Check it out for yourself, I think you will be very delighted.

North Pole Recipes
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