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Closet Organization Tips and Tricks

This week I organized my closet again.  (See my before closet in this post)
I arranged my clothes by colors,but I also wanted to to make them more functional.  I love the added space I have now and  everything is more  accessible.

On the top shelves I used 2 racks like this to maximize the space. I  stacked clear containers on one of the racks and the other rack I flipped upside down to hold my pocketbooks.  I have seen shelf racks made for this but mine worked just fine.

Under my hanging clothes I put a 3 compartment clear drawer for my sweaters and t shirts.  I also switched to slim velvet clothes hangers.  As you can see in the makeover, my clothes look so neat and I couldn't believe the space it saved.  I have a super small closet so every inch counts. 

Here are some closet organizing tips that have worked well for me.

  • I would never use a organizing system in my closet.  Here is the reason why.  Most of the shelves do not make good use of the space.  The shoe organizer never has enough room for those of us who love shoes, and anyway, who wants smelly shoes hanging out with our fresh clothes. Our needs change, so why not use baskets and storage bins that can be changed as necessary. 
  • Use clear bins to store everything.  I went to this system years ago and love that I can see what is in it without pulling it out or opening it.  It is a real time saver.
  • Put a hook beside your closet to hang the next days clothes.  Pick out 3 or 4 pieces for easy access in the morning.
  • Keep your most used clothes and accessories where they are easy to get to.  Put out of season and less used things on the top shelf of your closet.  Keep a light stool nearby so you can reach them easily.
  • Hang most of your clothes.  If you can't see your clothes, you are less likely to wear them.
  •  Keep organized with these rod organizer labels from Amazon.  There are 12 plastic dividers and 60 labels.  These are great for kids clothes.  You can separate clothes that can be worn to play in and clothes that are for school.  This way your kids can see which clothes they are able to play in and which clothes must be saved for other occasions.

 I am so excited about my newly designed closet.  I feel like I have clothes to wear to any event. It is less stressful knowing I have so many choices and can dress quickly.

Fashion for Less

Since my weight loss I have had to get rid of a lot of clothes.  That means I've had to buy a lot of new clothes.  That can get very expensive since I still have weight to loose.  I decided to check out Goodwill.  I have been pleasantly surprised at the finds there.  Here is a jacket I found at Goodwill that is one of my favorites. 
I can wear this jacket with pants, skirts, and dresses.  Since I'm trying to save money on clothes, my rule before buying is the piece must be versatile enough  to make at least 3 outfits.   This sweet jacket was $3.99.
Jacket with Sleeveless Black Dress
 Here I used the jacket with a sleeveless black dress. I had a black necklace that goes well with it.  To change it up, you can use a solid scarf or change the jewelry.  A long silver necklace changes the look entirely.

Jacket with Black Skirt and Belt
   This jacket looks good with long black skirt and white shirt.  Add a wide belt and a necklace.    You can wear the shirt tucked or not. If you tuck the shirt, you can  add a wide black belt and still look slim.  A belt also works for  shirts that are not tucked.

Jacket and Pants with a Splash of Color

Here is a super slimming outfit.  Pair black pants, black shirt, and add a thin belt. Use different color belts and scarves.  You can also change the look with a different color shirt.  There are so many ways to wear this simple jacket.  This is why this is my absolute favorite piece.

This Jacket passed the 3 outfit test with flying colors.  I could make so many more variations.

Something else I learned at Goodwill is to group all my colors together.  I was amazed at the sets that just happened to appear.  This was the most important thing I did when I started buying clothes.  I also did my husband's closet the same way and we were shocked at the blue shirts he owned, so now we know not to buy blue shirts....ever again.  We are now focusing  on the colors he does need. We realized he didn't own a long sleeve white shirt.  It was quite the eye opener.
As you can see I love black, but I am adding some brighter colors like red, royal blue, and purple. The plus to this is they also coordinate with my black pants, black skirts, and black jackets.
 If you shop Goodwill, be sure to double check for holes and spots.  I have made a couple of purchases that I shouldn't have. But it is well worth it if you careful and check for flaws.

Craft Room Organization

Last year I organized my craft supplies because I kept buying supplies I didn't need.  I was buying  duplicates of duplicates.  It just makes economical sense to organize craft supplies.

 These storage drawers can be found at Lowes in the hardware department.  My first thought was it would make a great craft organizer. You can make your own labels or use  Avery labels to identify the contents.You can change the whole look by painting the organizer. This can be done by taking all the drawers out and using a spray paint for plastic.  Be gone the dreaded gray "man color".   This is the best craft organizer  if you have a lot of small items.
  This is a great system for craft papers that is portable. It is a plastic container that has groves to hang the files. 
 It holds laminating sheets,photo  paper,labels,velum,colored card stock and anything else that is paper size in this file. It can be easily moved to any place you craft.

Plastic drawers make great storage for crafts and basket making items. I have a gift drawer for women and girls.  When I find something on sale I buy it and save it for a basket or a gift combo for later.  Gift packs are good to buy when they are priced to sell.  Break them down and put in your gift drawer.  You are ready for any occasion without a trip to the store.
You can also make a drawer for kids gifts.    Buy products on sale and save them until you need them for gifts or baskets.
I have a 3 drawer plastic bin where I keep all my gift basket supplies.  I have shreds, excelsior, tulle, teddy bears, and I keep a few gift items in the bottom bin.
  This drawer holds all my  candles, clear ornaments, and votive candle holders.  I love making  photo candle...see my Candle Making Technique.

Organize tape,glue sticks, and glue dots in the same drawer. Use small baskets to separate them.
 There are a lot of ways to organize your crafts, but with the small area I have for crafting, this works best for me. It's been over a year now and all my stuff is still organized.

5 Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

We all have mason jar sitting everywhere.  Now we can put them to good use with this handy mason jar storage idea.  Make a  dry food dispenser using the top of a salt box. Get the instructions at Thrifty Fun

Great way to store snacks and small items is to use a hanging shoe bag.  This helps to keep small items from getting lost in the pantry. Keep quick and healthy snacks near the bottom for kids to grab. Idea from Money Saving Queen.
Help yeast rise faster with this clever idea.  Use a heating pad under the container to speed up the process.  Idea from Kitchen Parade.
This is pretty awesome.  My Fridge Food uses a stemmed glass in a bowl for chip and dip.
Have you ever  thought of melting chocolate in a crock pot?  Me either...This is a great way to make chocolate for dipping candy and keep the chocolate warm while you are candy making.  Visit One Hundred Dollars a Month to see her tips.

Organizing Pantry and Desk Drawer

My Newly Organized Pantry
 I am in the zone for organizing this week.  Cleaned my pantry yesterday and I keep opening the door and looking when I go by  I love these baskets with the handles, they are big enough to hold a lot of stuff, but not too big that everything gets lost.  I love that they slide out easily.  I also used a wire rack for my cake mixes and put the frosting cans under them.  This rack alone added a lot more space.

I'm ready for my next project which may be this cool idea from Lady Goats.  Love, love this drawer organization.  She made drawer dividers with rulers and there are no tools required to make this.  She uses a box cutter to make a guide to break the rulers.  Just too cool.   Desk Organizer No Tools Required Tutorial.
Photo: Lady Goats

Organizing Tips For Creative People

                    Creative? You can get organized
                                                  by Marcia Francois 

 Creative people need different ways to organize themselves because traditional methods won't work for them.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to organizing; in fact, I believe that since each person is unique, each person's organizing system should also be different.

Let's look at four areas to organize yourself for success:

1. Attitude
There's a myth going around that creative people can't work in a structured environment. On the contrary, having a bit of structure in your life actually enables you to be even more creative and to do better work.

A few weeks ago, a client emailed to tell me how she's been energized and has been creating beautiful things again.

What was the difference in her life? We'd worked on organizing her office space and within the order, she could be creative once again.

Stop telling yourself that you can't be organized; rather tell yourself that you organise yourself in non-traditional ways. And that's perfectly okay.

2. Schedule Traditionally, we've all been told to work according to the clock. I'm telling you to work with your energy cycles; don't do battle with them.

If you know that you tend to go through a bit of a slump around lunch time, maybe that's when you want to run errands or exercise to give yourself an energy boost.

If you design websites and you know that you're most creative at midnight, then design your websites at midnight Who says you have to start working at 8am?

3. To-do list Scrap the to-do list. Yes, you read that correctly. The to-do list may set you up for failure especially when you feel you're not getting things done.

Rather use an Eat the Frog list. This list helps you be more flexible so you only need to get the most important things done. My clients are always a bit shocked when I tell them, "the less you have on your list, the better it is". Just make sure those are important things on your list.

4. Workspace When you can find your equipment and supplies easily, your valuable energy is used for actual creativity and not wasted on looking for things.

It's so important to have your workspace set up according to your organising style. Are you a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner? Are you a paper or electronic person? Maybe the reason you can't seem to get your papers organised is because you're actually an electronic person.

I've had clients with very messy offices whose computers are perfectly organised, and vice versa. It's so important to play to your strengths.

If you register for the Virtual Organizing Makeover Session, you'll definitely uncover your unique organising style.

My challenge to you
  • Check your attitude and tell yourself you can get more productive once you organize according to your style.
  • And if you're not sure what your style is, find out here.

Marcia Francois is a time management and organising coach who empowers small business owners and other busy professionals who want to make the most of their time. You'll get simple, practical organising and time management secrets to help you work less and enjoy life more! Visit for your free Organising Success Pack

Declutter Challenge Winners


August was an eye opener for all the ladies who joined the Declutter challenge hosted by Marcia (The Organizing Queen). She lives up to the name, because she is truly the queen of organizing. Marcia from HD crafts and myself were winners of the contest. As all the ladies who joined in, we worked very hard getting our homes into shape. I have said in a previous post, that I have cleaned and organized before, but this time was different. If I took pictures again of the areas I cleaned, you would see they are still clean, something that never happened before. And as my friend Marcia (HD Crafts) said, this is not the end but the beginning. Thanks to all the ladies who kept me motivated during the contest with your kind remarks. You all were my inspiration to keep going. And as Marcia (Organzing Queen)  said, you ALL are winners....and the journey continues.

Organzing Make Up Counter

Bottles, cans,sprays brushes,powder, blow dryer, mousses, gels, curling iron(s) and more were all in this small area. It was one heaped up mess! I would clean it up, and 2 days later, it would be back to the same mess I had cleaned up. Now everything has a home. It is so easy to stick it back in the basket. I have my blow dryer in the flowered basket with the brushes, and other hair products.   I can get my makeup on faster because I don't have to look for foundation, eyeliners, eye shadows, etc. They are in a drawer under this area..all neat and findable...

Lazy Susan On Dinner Table

  I used to have my napkins and salt and pepper sitting in the middle of the table. I found this lazy susan when I cleaned out my spice shelf. It was not being used and  I had forgotten about it. I cleaned it up and put a 10 inch paper doily on it. Now we can turn the condiments to the person that needs them during meal time...simple but my family loved it. No more reaching across the table to get the salt. I am seeking the perfect doily that will compliment my table.

Decorative Wall Shelf

This decorative wall shelf used to have teapots on it that were too big and hung off the edge. It was over crowded with "stuff" I put pictures of my children, their favorite book, and other small items. They could "read" Goodnight Moon before they could read. Even though it's small,this shelf is special to them

Organizing Books

 I have a hard time organizing my books because I don't have space for a book case.  Instead I gave away books I have read. I put books I haven't read on this dresser. Major difference. Even though I have given books away, I still  have anxiety parting with them. When I finish reading them, I still love them.  Book lovers will totally "get" this. For me, this was the hardest part of the challenge

Kitchen Wrap Storage

Kitchen wrap storage has always been a problem in my small kitchen.This under the counter space has been an eye sore as long as I can remember. With foil and wraps in baskets, it works much better. You can pull them out and look for what you need and everything stays neat. I also put a wrap holder on the door for the ones I use the most.

Organizing the Living Room

 Decorating small living rooms is a challenge for sure. This is one idea that has cut down on clutter in our living room.  We have alot of pictures coming in and they were taking over the fridge, mirrors, walls, and any place they could be tucked.  I purged them and put the most recent in a basket on the coffee table.  Everyone loves this idea and it's a great conversation starter.

Organizing Coffee Station

I've had this rack in my pantry for a while, but it never seemed to work. Here next to my coffee maker, it is perfect. It gives me double the space. I now have extra space for my creamers, coffee filters, and coffee.  I now have extra space underneath to store flavored water packets and Stevia. I love this arrangement. It works well for me.

Under the Sink Storage

My under the sink storage is limited and I've used baskets for years.  I keep cleaning items in one and tops to my pots in the other.  I put the pans on the top shelf and some go in storage area under the stove.  I have a very small kitchen and I have to purge anything not being used. To be so tiny, it is very functional.
The best tip is to get rid of what you are not using.  Give it to someone who needs it.

Organizing a Closet

Today I tackled my closet. My poor husband, I had him to purge his side of the closet too. Well, how good would mine look if his is messy? It's been an interesting journey . What I like best about my closet is located on the floor.I bought a plastic container that I could stand my clothes hangers up in, and there was just enough room to add another basket for the pants hangers. It was a perfect fit.....and......I can snap on the lid. If I fold clothes in another room, I can just pull out my container of hangers.I keep my shoes in a organizer near my bed.
Things are shaping up nicely. Even my children have noticed the change. I work from home and it is easy to let things get out of hand. This has truly been an eye opener for me. An organized closet is a good thing.

Organize Make up Drawers

Trust me, the hardest part of organizing my makeup drawer was the purging. How do you justify throwing away Mary Kay? Even when we know it has expiration date, it's very hard to part with her.  And all the eye colors with 20 shades of purple that your precious aunt gave you for will rip your heart out.
I saw a makeup organizer online with wire baskets  that I really liked and came up with my own version.  Much less expensive and you can customize it the way that works best for you.

Organizing a Chest Freezer

Who in the world owns a chest type freezer that needs to be defrosted ? I do. It is a hand me down from my mother that I have had for years.I delegated the defrosting and cleaning it out to my husband. ...shocking what we found. He loves to hunt and fish so you can read between the lines.
  I used milk crates to organize the freezer.  Now his hobby food is out of sight in the bottom crate. My corn, butter beans,broccoli and other vegetables are near the top so I don't have to dig for them. All the meats are in another basket. It is easy to lift them out when you need to check for a item.

Organizing the Pantry

 A  professional organizer challenged me to clear the clutter from my home.
This is Day 1 of my journey to clear my mind and my home:
I found the best way to organize a pantry is to empty everything from the shelves,  line them with shelf paper and organize staples in storage baskets. Group all baking in one basket, spices in another, etc.

Declutter Challenge Website
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