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Fill Party Balloons with Candy and Gifts The Easy Way

Photo: Gunny Sack
    Fill Balloons With Candy and Toys using the following technique.  I have always liked the idea of filling balloons with candy and letting the kids pop them but I didn't like the idea of filling each balloon.  We know how the friction can slow things down.  If you make  a water bottle funnel (use a bottle with a wide mouth) you can easily push candy into balloons. 
 Use orange and black for Halloween parties, Red or Green for Christmas Parties, pink for a girls birthday party, blue for a boys birthday Parties , and pastels for Easter parties. How about filling with small baby shower gifts and letting mom to be pop the balloon. 
 For Gender Reveal baby showers, fill with pink or blue confetti and let someone special pop the balloon.There are so many ways this idea can be used. Use larger balloons for larger items.  And don't forget money slides in easily too.  Teens love money.

Bubble Label Birthday Party Favors

 Here is a fun way to help celebrate your little ones birthday. These make great birthday party favors. Take bubbles you buy from the dollar store. Measure the label that is on the bottle and make one with your birthday theme, or you can personalize it with the name of the birthday girl or Birthday boy. If you want to make it waterproof you can laminate one side and glue the new label on your bubbles.
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