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What is A Real Home

A Real Home is a gymnasium. The ideal of a healthy body is the first one to give a child.
 A Real Home is a lighthouse. A lighthouse reveals the breakers ahead and shows a clear way past them.
 A Real Home is a playground. Beware of the house where you "dassen't frolic"--there mischief is brewing for someone.
 A Real Home is a workshop. Pity the boy without a kit of tools or the girl without a sewing basket.
They haven't learned the fun of doing things..and there is no fun like it.

 A Real Home is a forum. Honest, open discussion of life's great problems belongs originally in the family circle.
 A Real Home is a Secret Society. Loyalty to one's family should mean keeping silent on family matters--just this and nothing more.
 A Real Home is a Health Resort. Mothers are the natural physicians.
 A Real Home is a cooperative league.
Households flourish where the interest of each is made the interest of all.

 A Real Home is a business concern. Order is a housewife's hobby. But order without system is a harness without a horse. 
 A Real Home is a haven of refuge. The world does this for us all: it makes us hunger for a loving sympathy and a calming, soothing touch.
 A Real Home is a Temple of Worship.

Old Poem, author unknown. This came from the Yankee Kitchen Cookbook, 1969

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