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Relay for Life In our Small Town

This is a picture of my daughter at Relay for Life (my daughter is in the white blouse)
The event was a huge success in our community...$137 ,000. Not bad for a small town like ours...I can't remember what the what the schools collected but it was more than last year....
Ashley, Jennie and Curtis ran a Snow Cone and Slushie Booth and and made 1700 that night. My son Kyle has done various jobs all year long to help collect for Cancer. It is great to see young people so committed to a cause like cancer..

Relay for Life

Relay for Life is gearing up this month. My son is on the committee at his high school and has drafted a lot of teens to help with this event. Last year he said they raised over 18,000 for cancer. This year they have really been busy with concessions at ballgames and hotdogs at lunch. I can't wait to see what they raise this year. He graduates in a few weeks so they will be looking for another person to take his place. I am so very proud of my son, most 18 year old boys don't have helping Relay for Life on their mind. My sister passed away August will be 2 years ago and it had a huge impact on him . He told me that cancer had a face now and that he wanted to make a difference. I will be doing an update to let everyone know how much his school has raised this year. It has been an awesome experience.
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