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Easy Ways to Save Money

   I have listed some of the best tips to save money using your smart phone. These money saving tips are easy to do and will save you a ton of money.
I just got my first smart phone for Christmas.  This site lists great apps to save money.  My kids know all the tricks and are teaching me...s.l.o.w.l.y.

This app, Color Note, is one my daughter told me about. I can not express how awesome this app is.  I save everything on it.  I do my weekly grocery list on it.  As you pick things up in the grocery store, you x them off.  You can remove them or save them as a master list.   Love, love, love. 
Some of my checklists include:
  • A list of our clothing sizes, 
  • what I need when I go to Goodwill
  • My Walmart shopping list
  • Grocery List
  • My personal prayer list
  • Each Store I shop has a check list to add needed items
  • Household items I need and measurements
  And this is just a partial list.  Did I say how much I love this app?
We don't have a Target in our town, but if you shop this store, these are great tips for saving money.
This site explains how to get free products  from Dollar Tree.  I never knew they took coupons but the site said it has just started taking them.  Take a copy of the regulations with you to the store in case the clerk is not familiar with the new rules.

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

 I  love to save money at the grocery store, but I have learned that you need to have a plan in place to save the most money.
 Grocery stores spend a lot money to research ways to get you to put extra food in your grocery cart.  Don't let them outsmart you.  Stick to your grocery plan.
Make your grocery list using weekly ads or go online and find what is on sale at your favorite store for the week. Be sure to note the day the sale ends. I shop several stores in town because we have local grocers that have deals the larger stores don't have. Also remember stores like Dollar General that have great prices on grocery items.
 Recently they had a sale on can goods for 50 cents so I bought 20 cans of corn, peas, green beans, and mixed vegetables.
  Sales run in cycles so stock up enough to last until the item goes back on sale.
 I Keep a Notebook in my purse with the grocery stores listed  and the sale items  under the name.  I also put the sale price in parentheses.  I pulled my list out the other day to tell my niece who had mayo on sale and how much it cost.

I will use coupons if I happen to have them but I don't purposely look for them. It doesn't make sense to buy 20 bottles of mustard because you can get it for a few pennies with a coupon.
 I want to save on items that can be used, and I want a well stocked pantry. Honestly, who has room for all that stuff?  If I see a good coupon online I can't resist, I will print it.  Most of my coupons come in the food I buy or something that comes in the mail.  I don't have  time to run down coupons.  If I have them, they are an added bonus.
  Stocking up is the secret to saving on groceries.  Don't buy anything unless it is on sale.
 Plan your grocery list with sale items and plan your menu around the food in your pantry and freezer.
I find it very important to use a notebook or smart phone to  list the stores you visit  and what you need from that store.  This is so helpful keep you from impulse buying and this way you never forget what you need.
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