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6 Fun St Patrick's Day Projects

Say Happy St Patricks Day with these fun Irish Crafts.
Cute, cute St Patricks day hat made with green m & m's and green sugar cookies.  See the Tutorial for Leprechaun hats.  Kids will love these green food treats. 
Fun Leprechaun hat and photo on a St Patrick's Day cupcake. Learn how to decorate cupcakes with  green pipe cleaners. Here is the Tutorial  for Leprechaun Photo cupcakes.
 Love this Kiss Me I'm Irish Craft.  It's a box of Candy Kisses and a green bow.  Click here for a free printable for the Hershey kiss Craft Box. 

This is a St. Patrick's Day Project the kids will love. Using paper tubes you can stamp cute Irish symbols.
Idea from Makes and Takes.
How cool is this rainbow toast for St. Patrick's Day breakfast? This idea from Geek Mom (page has been removed).  A few swipes with food coloring and you have toast that everyone will remember.

How Cute is this place card for St. Patrick's Day? By painting a flower pot, using ribbon and belt buckle, and making a shamrock for the name, you have the cutest ever place holder for your guests.

How to Make a Shamrock St. Patrick's Day Headband

Shamrock Boppers

Wear a St. Patrick's Day headband and luck of the Irish will follow you everywhere!
You Need:
  • Plastic Headband
  • 2 Green Pipe Cleaners
  • Green and Neon Green Craft Foam
  • Low Temp Glue Gun or Tacky Glue
Wrap two pipe cleaners  around a pen or pencil to curl. Cut two large shamrocks and two small shamrocks out of two different shades of green craft foam. Glue the small ones to the big ones. Glue a curled pipe cleaner to the back of each big shamrock. Wrap the other ends two times around the headband.

Idea from
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