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Free Printable Bag Topper for Teacher (With Scripture)

4x6 Printable Bag Topper
Free Printable Bag topper for teachers with the scripture Proverbs 6:23.  Supersize bag topper and print. You can use cardstock or basic photo paper. Use a 4x6 bag and add the following:  
  • 2 Marshmallows
  • 4 Graham Cracker Halves
  • 2 Mini Hershey Bars
  • 2 Skewer Sticks (size to fit bag)
  • Tea Light 
If your school doesn't allow open food products, find individual packs of crackers and marshmallows.  This is a great bag for school teachers and Sunday School teachers, and also daycare teachers.

Making Bag Toppers For Ready Made Candy

I found a colorful pack of jelly beans  and thought I would design my own bag topper to go on it. You can take any bag of candy, or for that matter a bag of anything and make it personal. when you make your topper cut it out and fold in the middle. Take a credit card and rub the crease down to give it a professional look.
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Kisses Treat Bags

These treat bags are inexpensive to make for large groups. Easy for teacher to make and pass out for holidays and special occasions.
You can make kisses for any school group, make them to sell for fundraisers, or just as a small gift to thank someone for a job well done.


You will need:
  • plastic bags
  • kisses
  • kiss labels
  • bag toppers

 Use a 3/4 inch hole punch to get the perfect label for the bottom of the kisses. 
Use your school mascot and call the treats baby (tigers,bears,panthers,etc) kisses. These bags are always a welcome treat.
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How to make Bag toppers for party bags

Here is a fun way to do kids party treat bags. 
Use a crystal clear bag and put candy, toys and gift certificates into the bag.
 Measure the top of the bag and add 1/2 inch and make a bag topper for the treat bag.
 On the bag topper you can get real creative with graphics and personalization. Does you party girl love Clemson? Use Clemson colors. Does the party have a theme? Use the party theme on the bag topper. These  bags of goodies are always a hit with kids.

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White Lunch Bags as Treat Bags

Have you ever thought of using a white lunch bag for a kids birthday party Treat bag? Here are the steps to designing the perfect treat bag:
  • Pick a design you want on your bag using a graphics program like Publisher, Printshop, or Paint shop Pro. 
  • You can put child's name or a hobby they love on the bag.
  •   Next  cut the uneven top off so it won't get hung up in the printer.
  • Print the design onto the lunch bag. It may take a couple of tries before you get placement right, but you can use the back to practice on.
  • Once it is set up, print your one of a kind party bag.
  •  Fill with treats 
  • Use a paper punch to make 2 holes,thread ribbon and tie a bow. Now watch the birthday girl or boy beam with pride for having such cool treat bags for their guests.

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