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Saving Wedding Cards

My niece was  married a few months back and came up with this idea to save her wedding cards.
 Our family is very sentimental and will figure a way to save anything personal. To make a binder, center your cards with the  rings and punch the holes.  
Here is a photo of the open book.  She has two binders full of wedding cards and invitations This will be a treasure for years to come.  I love the idea that someone loved my card enough to include it in notebook.
This is a great way to preserve all the sentiments and  well wishes from family and friends.

Owl Fruit Tray

My niece Krista has loved owls as long as I can remember.  I wanted to do something owl related for her wedding shower so this is what my son and I came up with.
 I owe him most of the credit because I wanted to leave the top on the pineapple and he talked me out of it.  He had a point when he said owls don't have all that going on, they just have two ears.  So he made ears with strawberries.
 I wanted to cut the watermelon into heart shapes but we couldn't find a small heart shaped cookie cutter anywhere. We ended up cutting the strawberries into hearts.
I found it works better to stick the toothpicks into the pineapple first instead of of sticking the fruit.  When you get the owl to his destination, you can easily add the fruit for the face. (I made the mistake of putting all the pieces in the same bag and the strawberries  bled on the lime).
I wouldn't take anything for Krista's reaction this this dish.  Her sweet smile made it worth every minute.

DIY Wedding Reception Glasses

Weddings are so expensive but here's a diy project that will help the bride save money. 
  My daughter made these reception glasses for a friends wedding.  Using the brides chosen colors, she made glasses for each parent and put the names and  the wedding  date on the back.  The glasses are just adorable and this is a great project to cut wedding costs.
 Less stress for the bride and a sure way to make great memories.

Mr and Mrs Custom Candles for Wedding

I love velum and this idea is so cool for brides. Use clear candle holders and wrap in velum that has been printed with the bride and groom's name. They really add ambiance to the room.  For a different twist add your guests name and use for place cards.  Measure your candle holders circumference and height and set up a template for your velum. Leave a small space at the top.  You can set up your template in publisher, using your measurements.  If you use the Label option you will get more prints per page. Let your light shine brighter by punching hearts in the velum with a heart hole puncher.  An even easier way to make these is to buy the frosted candle holders and use clear labels for your name.  Add a thank you message and use them as wedding favors.  You can tie a ribbon around the candle using your wedding colors.  Another variation is to and buy votive candles in your color theme.

Giving Plate With Poem

My daughter made a  giving plate for our friend who lost her husband. I can't do freehand printing (I can't even write in a straight line), but  a hand painted ceramic plate makes a great gift if you print well.  The good thing about this dish is you don't have to worry about getting  it back.  It will be fun to see the journey it takes.   Add brownies or cookies to take to a family...the surprise is when the treats are gone, they will see the poem. Not only is it good for bereavement, it can also be used for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more. Here are the words for the plate:

This plate shall have no owner for its journey never ends, It travels in a circle of our family and friends. It carries love from home to home for everyone to share, The food that’s placed upon it was made with love and care. So please enjoy what’s on the plate, Then fill it up again, Then pass along the love it holds to your family and friends.

Painting on Ceramics is easy using a  sharpie pen.  The fine tip sharpie works best. Bake the plate in a 350 oven for 30 minutes.

Design Chic Wedding Blog

Tis the Season for Brides and the friends and families it brings together.  Visit my new site where I share wedding tips to save money,  Where to find the most trendy invitations, wedding t shirts, wedding caps, save the date magnets, and even games to play at your bridal party.  This is a new site so check back often for  more  great ideas to help make your wedding day a once in a lifetime event.

Design Chic Link

How to Make Chocolate Strawberry Tuxedos

How adorable are these Tuxedo Strawberries?  This would be great for Bridal Parties or at a wedding reception. Here are the directions from  pastry chef  Elizabeth LaBau. Though the recipe seems long, it is only 4 basic steps. Love these.


  • 1 lb large strawberries
  • 12 oz chocolate candy coating
  • 12 oz white chocolate candy coating


1. Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with aluminum foil or waxed paper and set aside for now. Wash the strawberries and dry them carefully, as excess water can interfere with the dipping process.
2. Melt the white chocolate candy coating in the microwave, stirring after every 30 seconds to prevent overheating. Stir until the chocolate is completely melted and smooth.
3. Dip a strawberry into the white chocolate until it is almost submerged, but leave about 1/2-inch of undipped berry at the top. Allow excess chocolate to drip back into the bowl, and scrape the bottom of the berry against the lip of the bowl to remove excess white chocolate that might pool around the bottom of the berry. Place the berry onto the foil-lined baking sheet, and repeat with remaining berries, until all have been dipped in white chocolate.
4. Place the dipped berries in the refrigerator to set the white chocolate while you prepare the dark chocolate for dipping. Place it in a microwave-safe bowl and melt it, stirring after every 30 seconds to prevent overheating. Stir until the chocolate is completely melted and smooth.
5. Once the white chocolate is completely set on the berries, take one berry and dip it into the dark chocolate at a 45-degree angle, so that the chocolate covers one side of the berry on the diagonal. Now turn it in the opposite direction and dip the other side on a 45-degree angle. The final result should be a berry that has a white "V" of chocolate showing through a darker outer coating.
6. Allow excess chocolate to drip back into the bowl, and scrape the bottom of the berry against the lip of the bowl to remove excess chocolate that might pool around the bottom of the berry. Place the berry onto the foil-lined baking sheet, and repeat with remaining berries, until all have been dipped in dark chocolate.
7. Now it's time to give your berries bow ties and buttons. To pipe these on, you can use a piping bag fitted with a small round attachment, a paper cone, or a plastic bag with the corner snipped off. Whichever method you choose, spoon some melted chocolate into your tool of choice. Make a bow tie by drawing two connected triangles at the top of the white V. Below this, place two or three dots for buttons. Repeat until all of your strawberries are decorated.
8. Place the tray back in the refrigerator to set the dark chocolate, for about 10 minutes. Your Tuxedo Strawberries are now ready to eat! They will keep in the refrigerator for several days, but I think they are best soon after they are made. If you do save them for 2-3 days, expect to see some condensation on them as they come to room temperat

Funny I Survived My Wedding Tote Bag

Here is a unique gift for a special bride. Purchase a I survived my wedding tote. You can add   useful gifts for the bride.  It makes a memorable wedding gift for the bride and groom. You can make this tote a bridal gift by putting things the bride will need on her wedding day inside the bag.

Here are some suggestions to get your started:
  •  Nail clippers
  •  Mini sewing kit
  •  Flavored water
  •  Her favorite candy
  •  Hairbrush
  •  Comb 
  • Items she may need to get ready for the wedding

This is a gift any bride would appreciate on her wedding day
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Hoop Cheese Box Wedding Gift

For a unique gift you can use a hoop cheese box and fill it with items for the bride and groom. You can leave it in its natural state or paint it.  Many meat departments have them if you will ask them to save one for you.
  • Fill it to the top with newspaper or excellsor.
  •  Place a wine bottle or sparkling water in the center. 
  • Add  2 wine glasses filling them with chocolates (If you do candy wrapping, you can customize with wedding couples name or a Monogram.
  •  A candle can be added, but be careful mixing food and candles. You may want to add artificial flowers or grapes to really make it stand out. 
  • The next step is what really makes the gift stand out.... Cover the entire box in tulle. Take a piece about a yard long and gather it all to the center. When you get everything in place, hold it with a rubber band, then cut the tulle. It will fan out into a big fluffy bow. Guaranteed to be a hit. 
Cheese boxes are alot of fun and there are many possibilities.  Play around with the items you put in the box, changing them around, until you get the design you want.
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