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30 Ways to Lose Weight Permanently

I have Finally Hit 30 pounds weight loss, actually  I have lost 31 pounds.  It's moving slow but  slow is best because you are developing new eating  habits. Here are some great weight loss tips.  I follow most of these, but I don't weigh everyday.
Some Things I Learned since losing over 30 pounds...
  • If you Eat the Same Food, you will Weigh the Same Thing
  • You  can Eat Out and still Lose Weight
  • Losing Weight is Fun....really Fun
  •  If you Focus on Change, You will Get Results 
  •  Fat lasts Longer than Taste
  • Never give up, no matter what

How to Survive Overeating at Parties and Lowfat Spinach Dip Recipe

As of today I've lost 29 pounds, and lost one of them during the holidays.  Nothing feels better
than to be in  control of  your eating. The diet tip that helped me survive at Christmas
parties...take a dish you can eat on your diet.  I chose a vegetable tray with a low fat spinach
dip I made. Were the party goers lined up for my my beautiful veggie Tray? No, but I enjoyed being able to eat without guilt. I was proud of my colorful dish with cherry tomatoes, celery, carrots,

snow peas, and broccoli. Everyone loved my spinach dip, and were using it on their fat filled
crackers and chips.  Here is my recipe for Spinach dip...Oops forgot to tell them it was low fat.

    Simple Lowfat Spinach Dip

  •     1 cup low fat sour cream
  •     1/4 cup spinach (I used frozen that I thawed and    squeezed the water from it) Fresh is Best.
  •     6 or 7 water chestnuts (chop)

 Mix sour cream and spinach together. Chop the water chestnuts into small pieces and add to mix.

Did I eat any of their  party dishes? Sure, but I was selective and ate a small amount.   When I

eat a significant amount of fat, I have what I call a food hangover.  Nothing motivates like

hugging a trash can.  Now to get back on my fitness regimen.

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10 Diet Tips for 2014

  1. Visualize  Yourself Thin- find old pictures of yourself thinner and put them where you can see them (The fridge is a good place).  Don't use your "fat" picture, it's too depressing.  If you don't have a slim picture, find a picture of someone you admire and put it up. Visual Boards are good too.
  2. Set mini goals.  One of mine was to get into a pair of jeans that had been in my drawer for years.  Where they skinny jeans?  No, but this girl felt she had accomplished something when they easily slid on.
  3. Stop eating Fried Foods- I bake, broil, grill, and boil everything. Now I prefer my food this way. Fried foods give me a sick feeling when I eat them now.
  4. Enjoy your Favorites in Moderation- It took me a long time to understand the word moderation, now I live it. There is nothing I can't have, in moderation. Being able to take a small portion or one bite is empowering.
  5. Watch Carbs- Don't cut them out completely, they are important but focus on proteins, veggies, and fruits.
  6. Eat Lots of Fiber- Fiber fills you up and taste delicious.  Try whole grains ( oatmeal,high fiber cereal,popcorn, etc) Beans (dry and canned can be added to soups,salad, and entrees. Colorful fruits and vegetables are like a secret diet pill. They keep you full
  7. Move, move, move- If you hate the word exercise, just call it movement. Stay busy cleaning something, shopping (for smaller clothes), volunteer work, or anything that moves your body.
  8. Chicken Breast is your friend- swap out fatty meats with chicken breast.  There are tons of ways to cook chicken breast.  I could eat it everyday and I have.  Find healthy recipes and save them in a binder.
  9. Stock up on Snacks- Convenience foods are what usually throw your diet in a tailspin.  Keep sugar free or lowfat jello (in cups).  They are ready to go and only 10 calories. Prepackaged foods are great for fast snacks and portion control. They are easy to grab and go or to throw in a lunch bag or purse.
  10. Read Labels- I know you have heard this a thousand times, but you need to read labels before buying food.  How many times have I come home with something I thought was low calorie to find they tricked me with the portion size. Nutrition Labels are a science, one you need to embrace.

10 Things I Learned about Weight Loss

I have lost 26 pounds since August...not alot but I did survive Christmas with no weight gain. I am so happy about that. Now  I don't have to go through the act of losing the same weight over again.   I'm ready to start the traditional New Years Weight Loss Resolution with 26 pounds in my favor.

Here are some things I have learned about weight loss:
  1. Stop eating Sugar.  This is a hard one for alot of people but it works.  You will see a big difference in how much you crave sweets and fattening foods. 
  2.   No Cola or Diet Cola.  I was guilty of thinking if I switched to diet drinks I would lose weight.  I have learned that your body treats artificial sugar the say way it does regular sugar.  You still crave sugar. I'm trying to learn to like water, but that is not going to happen.  I do drink it when I order out.
  3. You are going to have periods where you weight loss stalls.  It's your body adjusting to the loss.  Don't lose hope.
  4. Get unhealthy foods out of your house.  Get the healthy stuff in.  Everyone will benefit.
  5. It's fun experimenting with healthy foods.  New recipes, new finds at the grocery store, new chef shows that focus on clean eating. It becomes who you are.
  6. Exercise is your friend.  It doesn't have to be strenuous..take a walk, listen to the birds, breathe in the clean air.  Movement makes you feel alive.
  7. Some people weigh everyday.  Not me, weight fluctuates and I'm not going to be depressed all day long about a pound of weight I gained.  I weigh myself each Saturday morning.
  8. As you lose the weight, get rid of the clothes that are too big.  You will never ever need them again.
  9.  You can eat out but make wise choices.  Most restaurants have a heart smart or low fat section on the menu.  Research your favorite fast food places to find the best choices.  Little changes make a big difference in the long run.
  10. If your family is not supportive, find someone to take the journey with you.  I have family and friends that are on my team. 
I went to a Christmas Party this weekend and the best part was when two of the teenagers attending the party were discussing my weight loss and telling me how good I looked.  Weight loss is not an easy journey but it is so worth the compliments and the new healthy you.  What are your weight plans for 2014?

My Weigh In

Love this quote... Total weight loss...22 pounds Seems my weight is slow coming off, but I have been out of town two times in the last month.  I had only one cheat meal while visiting my niece in the mountains this weekend.  It was a Chick Fila (number 1) which wasn't too bad.  My daughter and I stopped at Applebees for lunch.  They have a 550 calorie menu that is wonderful.  I had the Napa chicken with red wine sauce. I couldn't believe I wasn't cheating. When I got home I was able to wear a pair of pants I had put away for later.  That was a good feeling.
While attending a wedding this weekend, I had a chance to talk to my best friend's son who is a personal trainer.  I told him the struggle I'm having with the scales not moving fast enough.  He told me to remember, like body building, weight loss is a process.  It doesn't happen overnight and everyone wants instant results. I left feeling much better about my 22 pounds.

Weight Loss Motivation

IVillage Image

Loss the 3 pounds AGAIN, now I'm ready to move forward.  I signed up at Sparkpeople to track my weight loss and for motivation. They have so many tracking tools for nutrition, weight, exercise, teams with the same goals you have and more.  I have set goals for 10 minutes of walking per day. I have a lot of knee pain so this is a biggie for me. Somehow this time is different for me.   My son tells me he knows I will do it this time, and he walks with me.  How supportive and sweet is that? My husband also walked with me this week. I have too many people in my corner to fail.  My husband has lost 11 pounds without even trying, my son has stopped eating sugar (though I think he sneaks around a little) but he has never had a weight problem. My dogs are getting exercise and loving it. It feels good to know my diet has influenced all these changes in my family.


Confessions of a Yo Yo Dieter

My motivation for the day.  Surely this dog is
Not good news on my diet this week.  My anniversary trip to Myrtle Beach resulted in a 3 pound gain.  I couldn't believe it because I really watched what I ate.  We ate every meal out for three days so that was probably the problem.  I ate salads, flatbread subs, Chinese, ribs, yeast rolls, veggie pizza...oh, I didn't watch it as good as I thought.  Writing all this down helps me to see the error of my ways.  Back to the drawing board.  I hope when I weigh in the morning, those nasty three  pounds are gone.  I hate having to lose the same weight over, don't you?

UPDATE:  lost 2 of the 3 pounds...almost back on track

10 Commandments of Weight Loss


Very Sound advice and what I basically stick to.  As of today I have lost 18 pounds.  The great thing is it has also changed how my family views food.  All of us have cut sugar out of our lives,and no sodas.  I don't eat anything but meats, veggies, and fruit.  I gave myself a cheat day (Sunday), but I rarely cheat.  I love my new way of eating and today will be day 3 of walking for 15 minutes a day.
Last week was my son's birthday and we went to our favorite restaurant.  Things I noticed:  the slaw was almost too sweet(because I have tamed my sweet tooth). Everything seemed to be greasy.  I told my husband I didn't know I had cut back on fat enough to notice when my dish seemed to have too much.  Most of my plate was boxed up to bring home.  At least at home I can take a paper towel and remove some of  of the fat. Another thing I noticed is that in order to enjoy my meal next time, I need to order broiled meats and to ask for very little butter on my veggies.  Never thought I would actually want to order broiled instead of fried. I used to order it because I was "dieting".  Now it's because it just tastes "clean".
  My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary at Myrtle Beach next weekend.  I have no doubt that I will be able to stay on my new way of eating.  Never say diet....

Weight Loss Revisited

Start diet today
Start diet today (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver)

It has been so long since I posted in the weight loss section of my blog, I come in with my head hanging,
but the good news is I have lost weight.
As of  Sunday morning (September 15, 20130, I have lost 12.2 lbs.
  Over a month ago, I stopped eating sugar and I stopped drinking diet colas.  I had a terrible headache for several days, and I'm talking severe. That alone showed me what an addiction I had to sugar and colas.  In the course of a day, I would eat a  oatmeal cake , nutty buddy ice cream, and desserts I made for the family(and myself of course). One day after thinking about all the sugar I had eaten, I thought about all the weight I could lose if I just stopped eating sugar, so this is how my journey started.  I had always been successful on the Atkins diet but I couldn't stick with it but so long before I could eat my weight in bread.  I did some research and found a diet I could live with.  I eat protein, vegetables, and fruit. 

 I have never been a fruit lover but when you want something sweet and fruit is allowed, it is heaven.  I make fruit salads with canned and fresh fruit.  It hits the spot with sugar craving.  But the good news is I don't crave sugar like I used to, as a matter of fact I don't crave food like I used to.  My family has also taken notice to the evils of sugar.  When they do eat the occasional piece of cake someone sends, it doesn't bother me at all.  This has never happened before.  Now I love Chicken breast (cooked on Foreman grill) on top of a bed of sauteed spinach. I'm buying veggies I never used to buy like fresh mushrooms, fresh spinach, romaine lettuce, and sweet potatoes are allowed.   I will be sharing some of my recipes and what I'm doing to lose weight.  When you get rid of the cravings, you are sure to lose weight.  

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Motivational Bathroom Scales Craft

How is this for inspiration on your weigh in days.  My daughter bought a bathroom scale recently and put her own spin on it.  I love her attitude.  I am constantly on a "diet" and I hate to jump on the scales for the verdict.  I don't think I would find these scales quite so it, love it!!

Weight Loss

I am celebrating a 13 pound loss this morning (May 31,2011).  I have
decided to post each time I loose to keep myself accountable.
I am more aware of how much I eat now .  Since my last weigh in I have been to O'Charleys( 2 times), Subway, ate Chinese, and had pizza....  I lost 2 pounds. Here is my weight loss secret,  I am following the Eat this, Not that diet plan by Men's Health (yes men).
This is the best non diet plan I have ever followed. 

My Weight Loss

I have been following a Low Glycemic Diet since November 7. I don't know why I started a diet before Christmas, but now I'm glad I did. As of today I have lost 10 pounds. That means I lost weight during the holidays. I am super excited because that means if I can lose weight while attending parties ( and we went to 4 in one week), it will be easy to lose during a normal week.

32 pounds to Go!!!

Trying to get back focused on my is the 3rd of May 2011.  I still have lost 10 pounds since my last post, but I have probably lost it 3 or 4 times.  I weigh in each Saturday morning so I'm back on track and will post my loss each Saturday. I'm happy to lose one pound a week, that is my goal.

 May 22, 2011...............still holding on to the 10 pound loss ( I have been out of town a lot lately so it's                                          been hard to stay on track).

Join Spark People for Diet Motivation & Recipes

I found this free diet site the other day while surfing the net. It is fabulous.!! I lost 4 pounds the first week. It has tools to help you keep up with your weight, food,water, exercise and fantastic recipes.
Click below to Join Free.

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