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New Mom Gift with Printable Label

My Sweet Niece just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that she named Selah Grace.  Our family is huge and this is our first baby in a while on my husbands side of the family so she  had a lot of company.
 Everyone is bringing food, books for the baby, and lots of unique gifts for mom and the baby.  When I heard their freezer was packed I decided to go in a different direction.  I made Krista a survival kit with things I knew she would like.  Here is a photo:
  Here is a list of the items  used

  • The base is a galvanized serving tray with open handles.   It was purchased from Wal Mart...I love it!!!  Just add items you know the new mom loves. You have to shuffle them around until you get the look you want.  
  •  Soft spa socks
  •  Small Yankee candle, lemon cupcake scent ( Krista loves cupcakes)
  •  Pioneer woman kitchen towels
  • Favorite body wash ( She was about to send her husband to get more because she was out)
  • Bugles, because everyone loves bugles.  
  • Lemon Oreo Thins ( If you haven't tried the lemon, there are no words)
  • Nail polish  that matched her spa socks, just for fun
  • Candy I chose her favorite Reese Peanut Butter minis, a box of peanut M&M's. 
  •  Beautiful Necklace and Matching Earrings
I made a circle label with the words Krista's Survival Kit and put a crying baby in the center.  

I'm sharing the label with you but changed the name to  new mom's label so you can use for any gift basket you make.
Free Printable Label


  1. Click on label
  2. Print on card stock, white is best  
  3. Carefully cut the circle out.  
  4. Center and glue to the basket. 
 Another option is to use a  hole punch and tie on baskets with a ribbon.  Please share pictures of baskets you have made.  If you use this label, show me how you used it.  I love to see how people are using my free printables.    Enjoy!

Ideas for Dump Truck Baby Shower Theme

 Baby shower theme for boys (and girls too) There are so many cute ways to decorate for a dump truck baby shower theme. Start with invitations for baby shower. Completely customizable online.
  Dump Truck Theme Baby Shower Invitation by babyworld

Here are some ideas for a baby shower to get you started: 

 Fill Toy Trucks with Snacks.  Mom can keep the trucks for the baby after the shower.
Image credit n/a
  •  Fill Toy Trucks with Pretzels (looks like lumber), cupcakes,donuts, or, dip(in a container)
  • Use  Toy Shovels for dipping from the Trucks. Tie with a pink, blue, or neutral bow.
Photo Credit: Flickr

Here is a dump truck cake that would be   easy to make. Use trucks you bought for the party to make a cake topper. Overfill with chopped chocolate to look like rocks.
Photo Credit: Nestlingdesigns

These funny ice cream cups can made with construction paper or printed from your computer. Your guests will love eating concrete mix.
Photo Credit: nestlingdesigns

 Make a wreath using a wire frame and rolled   orange extension cord. You can check google images for the sign.
Photo Credit: Catch My Party

Having a baby shower cook out? This idea will fit right in with your theme.  Make a build your burger bar.
Photo credit: n/a
Here is a cute baby shower centerpiece idea for a dump truck baby shower.  Fill it with things for the baby and present it to mom after the shower. It's a centerpiece and gift in one.


Noah's Ark Baby Shower Ideas with Free Candy Bar Wrapper

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Invitation
Noah's Ark Baby Shower Invitation by cooltees

 Need some Ideas for a Noah's Ark Baby Shower?  This cute  Noah's Ark Baby Shower invitation is perfect for a baby girl. It is easy to customize, just add your party details online and order.
 Here are some other things you can do to set the tone for this theme baby shower.
  • Consider doing a diaper cake for your centerpiece.  Fill it with cute little stuffed animals, two by two. It makes the perfect gift afterwards for mom to be.
  • Fill a cute jar with animal crackers and top with a bow.  Have guests guess how many.  Winner gets the jar.
  • As you plan the decorations remember animals in pairs, rainbows, olive branches, doves, and of course the ark.
  • Party Favors can be as simple as 2 animal shaped sugar cookies wrapped in clear cello bag with a pink ribbon or this *free candy bar wrapper.
  • This is the perfect theme for twins.
   *Free Matching Noah's Ark Candy Wrapper

Noah's Ark candy bar wrapper is for a regular size Hershey bar. Click on wrapper before printing.
  • This is an open end wrapper so you will need to cover the original candy bar wrapper with a thin foil. 
  • Next print the wrapper and wrap the candy bar
  • the ark should be on the front
  • run a line of glue(with glue stick) on the glue line
  • wrap the candy bar and glue the ends together.
  • You have the perfect baby shower favor for your guests.
  • Enjoy!
Noah's ArkGraphic:delitefuldoodles

Bed time Story Book Baby Shower Ideas

I am totally in love with this theme for a baby shower.  Super Cute Theme for Book Lovers.  Great for a Baby Shower that you want the guests to bring bedtime story books as the gift.    The tables are set up like a bed.  I had to do a double take when I saw the glasses and place setting on what I thought was a am amazed by the creativity of ladies throwing this
baby shower theme. This idea is from HWTM .  

Bring a Book Shower Invitation for girls.
Bring a Book Shower Invitation for boys.

Cute Watermelon Baby Bassinet for Baby Showers

I accidentally deleted this post but found the photo again.This is a super cute idea.   It would be simple to make with a cantaloupe peeled for the head and cut fruit pieces inside the watermelon. This idea was on pinterest with no source link so I don't know who to give credit to.  Click on this BabyWorld link to check out baby shower invitations.

Cow Print (Milkaholic) Baby Shower Theme

Photo Source: HWTM 
If I didn't love cow prints, this cute baby shower idea would totally change that.  Milkaholic is the perfect word for this cute baby shower theme. How clever are the milk shots with striped cookies on the straw?  The cow animal print is perfect for this creative theme.  Mom to be will be awed with this cool baby shower idea.   See Milkaholic Baby Shower for suggestions for this adorable baby shower theme.
Find cute baby shower invitations at  BabyWorld.

Fill Party Balloons with Candy and Gifts The Easy Way

Photo: Gunny Sack
    Fill Balloons With Candy and Toys using the following technique.  I have always liked the idea of filling balloons with candy and letting the kids pop them but I didn't like the idea of filling each balloon.  We know how the friction can slow things down.  If you make  a water bottle funnel (use a bottle with a wide mouth) you can easily push candy into balloons. 
 Use orange and black for Halloween parties, Red or Green for Christmas Parties, pink for a girls birthday party, blue for a boys birthday Parties , and pastels for Easter parties. How about filling with small baby shower gifts and letting mom to be pop the balloon. 
 For Gender Reveal baby showers, fill with pink or blue confetti and let someone special pop the balloon.There are so many ways this idea can be used. Use larger balloons for larger items.  And don't forget money slides in easily too.  Teens love money.

Free Printable Duck Paint Can Label

Free Paint Can Label for gallon cans.  These are fun to fill with gifts for Baby Showers, Easter, and many other occasions.  Instructions to make can are below.

  •     Super size the above graphics, print and  cut out. 
  •     Use a hole punch to cut out holes for handles.
  •     Use a glue stick to run a line on the short ends.
  •     Wrap front around a *gallon paint can and get placement before sticking.
  •     Wrap the back around and glue the side the same way.  You will be able to re-stick for awhile before the glue dries, but you can always re glue.
  •     Glue the can top label on the sides and make a cross or several strokes in the center so the middle will stick as well.
    You can add ribbons on the handles to finish off the look.

*You can find gallon paint cans at stores like Ace Hardware

Design courtesy of Scottsbabies

Rolled Baby Diaper Cupcake (Similair to Diaper Cake)

What a clever Idea...Krista from Crafty Southern Belle made this adorable cupcake craft from a rolled baby diaper and a rolled washcloth. So cute and the perfect touch for a baby shower. It can be used as a gift or as decorations. They would make a cute centerpiece by putting them on a tiered cake plate. I love this idea....great job Krista.

Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake

My niece Krista is very creative and made this  Rubber Ducky diaper cake.   They are absolutely adorable and very useful for the mom to be. The diapers can be unrolled and used and the cake is full of lotions, powders, and many products that a newborn will need. This super cute bow at the top really sets it off.
 Here are a couple hair bows she made too.


Napkin Baby Dress Tutorial

Who would have ever thought of using a pink napkin to make a cute baby dress? These napkin baby dresses are so unique and can be easily duplicated  following the How Does She tutorial. Great for Baby showers   as a centerpiece for a table, or as a baby gift. They are just the cutest ever. See the tutorial at How Does She?.

Using Diaper Bag as Gift Basket

I love putting together baby shower gifts. I did this diaper bag for a shower I attended today. After playing around with several ideas, I came up with this one.
The bear was pretty big, I put it in a gift bag but it just didn't look right...I finally decided to dress the bear with the onsie I had bought for the shower....I then took off the rattle that was on the bag and put it in the bears hand. Next the socks went into her lap. I put it in a cello bag and put " It's a girl" emblem in the center instead of a bow.  Wrap in clear wrap and you have the perfect baby shower gift for mom to be

How to Make Baby Bath Pops


These bath pops are so cute for baby shower gifts, to tuck in diaper cakes, and to add a little something extra to a gift.
To make them:

  • Buy  a cute baby wash cloth and matching ribbon.
    Roll the cloth with a bath fizzer in the center. You can use scotch tape to keep the roll in place. 
  •  Put the rolled cloth on a craft stick with double sided tape. You can now buy craft sticks that are already painted will ordinate with the theme of the baby bath pop.
  •  Cover with a clear cellophane(you can use basket cello), add knock out ribbon and you have a unique baby shower gift.

Baby Bank Made From Toostie Roll Container

This cute little bunny bank is inexpensive to make is a perfect for a one of a kind gift for baby showers. Buy a Toostie Roll bank.  Most dollar stores carry them  

  • Measure the bank's width and length and make a template that size. Use publisher, psp, printmaster, photoshop. or a free online graphics program.
  •  add a background, graphics, or the baby's name, or come up with a clever name for the bank. Since I put a bunny on mine, I named it bunny bank.
  •  When you decide on the graphics and make your bank cover, you can then cut the template out. Just glue one end and place it on the bank.
This is a fun project , but the best part is when they open it, it has a baby onesie inside.
You can roll a onesie, bib, or t-shirt and put inside the bank. Cute surprise for the mom to be.
Check out these cute onesies with matching bibs and tees.

Girls Baby Shower Gift Can

This is a paint can for a baby girl and makes a great baby shower gift. I took this picture so you can see the products inside. There are alot of items that can be added to a baby paint can. Some I have in this one are

  •   baby shoes
  •  a pacifier 
  •  small bottle  of baby oil
  •  baby lotion
  •  baby powder
  The outside of the can is done in pink gingham and has the graphic of a pacifier. There are so many items that can be put into cans for baby shower gifts. Onsies, bibs, infant t-shirts are just a few of the gift items that can be folded and placed in the can.
Laminating your can wrapper before putting it on your can really gives it a professional look. Just laminate on one side by putting the the back and front label together(print side out) and running through a laminating machine. You can then separate them and glue onto the can.

How to Make a Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are popular and everyone loves receiving them.  This diaper cake is for a baby girl. It is 3 layers of rolled diapers with small gifts tucked all around the cake. The cake is made from rolled disposable diapers that are held in place with rubber bands.
  •  When you get the bottom layer of diapers rolled, use a huge rubber band to hold them all together.
  •  Hide this rubber band with a wide ribbon.
  •  Next make a smaller stack to place on the bottom layer
  • Make an even  smaller stack for the top.
  • Place on a large cake plate or  covered cardboard 
 The gifts can include rattles, small bottles of lotion, baby powder, baby toys and other small gifts.  

Please visit our Baby Shoppe for more great gift ideas.

Suitcase Baby Shower Gift

Give this fun Suitcase Baby Shower Gift for a mom to be.  The suitcase was purchased at a craft store, but any cute small suitcase will work just as well.  Here are the instructions:
  •  Fill with newspaper and layer with a thin layer of excelsior.
  •  Now add the gifts for a new baby such as onsies,baby wipes, socks,shoes, baby powder or anything baby related. 
  • Fill the gaps with shredded paper in a coordinating color. 
  • Make a luggage tag with the baby to be's name. 
  • You can add plastic keys (rattles) for more color. 
Blue can be used for Boys and you can also do a Bride on the Go and fill with wedding Items. 
Check out our Baby Shoppe for great gift ideas.

Baby Photo Candy Wrappers

Wrapping small candy bars is another way to add extra sparkle to gift baskets. There are many sites that offer printable candy bar wrappers free of charge. You can do a search to find one you like.
Don't stop at gift baskets, you can do birth announcements and wedding favors with the mini size candy bars. Fill Mugs with wrapped candy bars or make a great centerpiece with wrapped candies for a wedding or baby shower.

Check out our Baby and Children's Shoppe for more great gift ideas.

Diaper Bag as Gift Basket

Here is a unique baby shower gift idea for girls , think outside of the box...or should I say outside the basket. There are so many items that can be used to present a unique gift. For instance, use a baby's diaper bag as the "basket". Fill with baby related items. Use the same technique you would with a basket, fill with paper and arrange gifts on top. Cover with cellophane and top with a ribbon and bow. This baby shower gift for the mom won't be duplicated.
Need some great items to fill your baby bag, or need a custom tote for the new mom, check out Our Children's and Baby Shoppe.

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