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New Mom Gift with Printable Label

My Sweet Niece just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that she named Selah Grace.  Our family is huge and this is our first baby in a while on my husbands side of the family so she  had a lot of company.
 Everyone is bringing food, books for the baby, and lots of unique gifts for mom and the baby.  When I heard their freezer was packed I decided to go in a different direction.  I made Krista a survival kit with things I knew she would like.  Here is a photo:
  Here is a list of the items  used

  • The base is a galvanized serving tray with open handles.   It was purchased from Wal Mart...I love it!!!  Just add items you know the new mom loves. You have to shuffle them around until you get the look you want.  
  •  Soft spa socks
  •  Small Yankee candle, lemon cupcake scent ( Krista loves cupcakes)
  •  Pioneer woman kitchen towels
  • Favorite body wash ( She was about to send her husband to get more because she was out)
  • Bugles, because everyone loves bugles.  
  • Lemon Oreo Thins ( If you haven't tried the lemon, there are no words)
  • Nail polish  that matched her spa socks, just for fun
  • Candy I chose her favorite Reese Peanut Butter minis, a box of peanut M&M's. 
  •  Beautiful Necklace and Matching Earrings
I made a circle label with the words Krista's Survival Kit and put a crying baby in the center.  

I'm sharing the label with you but changed the name to  new mom's label so you can use for any gift basket you make.
Free Printable Label


  1. Click on label
  2. Print on card stock, white is best  
  3. Carefully cut the circle out.  
  4. Center and glue to the basket. 
 Another option is to use a  hole punch and tie on baskets with a ribbon.  Please share pictures of baskets you have made.  If you use this label, show me how you used it.  I love to see how people are using my free printables.    Enjoy!

Baby Girl Candy Wrapper With Instructions

 Cute Candy Bar Wrapper to use as a favor for baby showers. Print out one for each of your guests.
This Wrapper fits a Hershey Candy Bar. Click on wrapper Print and Cut. Position Wrapper with the Pink Frame on the front of the candy.  Wrap around the bar and  Run a glue stick on the top of wrapper where it says glue line.

*Keep the original wrapper on the bar.  You can wrap it with a thin foil before putting on the wrapper.  I use foil wrapping paper.  You can use silver, gold, or pink.

Great Uses for Baby Shower Stickers

I love going to baby showers and seeing all the creativity used to honor the mom to be.  Have you ever thought about using stickers to make baby shower party favors?  You can make inexpensive favors using stickers on boxes filled with candy.
 Check out these cute ideas for using stickers from Kateaspen.

Buy mini jars and sticker add cute stickers to them.  Be sure to measure both to make sure it will fit.
Use round stickers for the top of small canisters.  Votive candle holders are another great place to stick a cute sticker.
Here is another cute idea from cupcakepedia, use colorful  baby bottles filled with candy as favors.  Use a round sticker with the name of the mom to be.

Here are some cute baby shower stickers that would be great for baby shower favors.

Peapod Boy Baby Shower Stickers
Peapod Boy Baby Shower Stickers by cooltees
Create your own stickers online on zazzle.
Boy's Stork Baby Shower Stickers
Boy's Stork Baby Shower Stickers by cooltees
Check out more Footprints Stickers at Zazzle

How about these cute camo stickers for a girl or boy.

Custom Baby Girl Shower Invitations

Planning baby showers are a lot of work. The best way to start is with a cute baby shower invitation.  After you choose the invitation everything falls in place. Here are Ideas for girl baby shower invitations?  

Ideas for Dump Truck Baby Shower Theme

 Baby shower theme for boys (and girls too) There are so many cute ways to decorate for a dump truck baby shower theme. Start with invitations for baby shower. Completely customizable online.
  Dump Truck Theme Baby Shower Invitation by babyworld

Here are some ideas for a baby shower to get you started: 

 Fill Toy Trucks with Snacks.  Mom can keep the trucks for the baby after the shower.
Image credit n/a
  •  Fill Toy Trucks with Pretzels (looks like lumber), cupcakes,donuts, or, dip(in a container)
  • Use  Toy Shovels for dipping from the Trucks. Tie with a pink, blue, or neutral bow.
Photo Credit: Flickr

Here is a dump truck cake that would be   easy to make. Use trucks you bought for the party to make a cake topper. Overfill with chopped chocolate to look like rocks.
Photo Credit: Nestlingdesigns

These funny ice cream cups can made with construction paper or printed from your computer. Your guests will love eating concrete mix.
Photo Credit: nestlingdesigns

 Make a wreath using a wire frame and rolled   orange extension cord. You can check google images for the sign.
Photo Credit: Catch My Party

Having a baby shower cook out? This idea will fit right in with your theme.  Make a build your burger bar.
Photo credit: n/a
Here is a cute baby shower centerpiece idea for a dump truck baby shower.  Fill it with things for the baby and present it to mom after the shower. It's a centerpiece and gift in one.

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