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Snack and Gatoraid Craft

My daughter wanted to make her dad something for his birthday that he would enjoy.  She wanted to keep it simple because she said he's not worried about how it looks, he just wants the
I thought it was a good idea and  I guess men don't care, like my daughter said, but I tried to think of ways to pretty it up but not too much.
I would cover the cardboard circles with scrap paper with tool designs since he is a carpenter.   Then circle with  pieces of burlap ribbon on the top and bottom.  Then I would tuck small tools in the burlap. Do you have ideas for this craft?  Let me know how you would change this gift or would you change it at all?  We would love to hear your ideas.

Great Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday

Cool birthday Ideas for your 30th
Birthday Craft Using Suckers
This funny 30th birthday decoration pretty much wraps it up for most 30 year old men and women. Birthdays never bother me, I'm just glad to have another one.  It's still a lot of fun to poke fun at the birthday girl or boy with this funny gift.

:: Tutorial for Birthdays suck

Dirt Cupcakes With Gummy Worms

  These cupcakes are the baby sister of the very popular dirt cake.  Such a cute idea for 30th birthday.

:: How to make these cupcakes

Money Can

 This is a great idea for any age.  When you pull the first bill out, they keep coming.  You could put 30 one dollar bills in a gift can.  By taping them together, they just keep coming out.

:: Tutorial to make Money Can

Backyard Movie Bash

 What a great idea for a 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th or any birthday. This backyard bash is sure to be a crowd pleasing birthday to remember.

:: More great ideas
How to cut a cake into the number 30. Use cake mix or make from scratch.  Decorate.

Strawberry Jello Shots

  Jello Shots are all the rage  for parties.  Here is a great idea for strawberry jello shots.  Any 30 year old will love this.  Make with or without alcohol.

:: Recipe For Strawberry Jello Shots

Free Pink Backgrounds

 Free backgrounds to use for custom card making or any craft project.  You can mix more than one pattern since they are the same color.  

 Great for Valentine and Birthday Projects.

Candy Card for Husband with Printables

My husband loved the first candy poster I made him I decided to make him another one for Valentines.  Here is the front of the Card.
                                   Here is the inside

Here are the Step by Step Instructions with the free printables. Everything was bought at Dollar General.
  1. Take a 14 x 22 Poster board and fold it to open like a card. Use a bone folding tool or credit card to lay the crease flat.
    2. Print these words that go on the front, It fits a 8x10 computer sheet. Click on them before printing.

    Use a glue stick on the back and attach to card front.

    3. Glue the Riesens Candy to the front with double side tape.
    4.  Print this sheet for the inside. (Click on it before printing) Cut the word into strips so you can space the candy and  place them on the card the way you want.

    5.  Use glue sticks for the words strips and double sided tape for the candy.  You can add  # 6 if you can find a small box of red hot candy.  I couldn't find them here.

    This can be used for Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or other special occasions. You can come up with ideas of your own, but if you need it in a hurry, you can print the 2 sheets.  Enjoy!

Giving Plate With Poem

My daughter made a  giving plate for our friend who lost her husband. I can't do freehand printing (I can't even write in a straight line), but  a hand painted ceramic plate makes a great gift if you print well.  The good thing about this dish is you don't have to worry about getting  it back.  It will be fun to see the journey it takes.   Add brownies or cookies to take to a family...the surprise is when the treats are gone, they will see the poem. Not only is it good for bereavement, it can also be used for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more. Here are the words for the plate:

This plate shall have no owner for its journey never ends, It travels in a circle of our family and friends. It carries love from home to home for everyone to share, The food that’s placed upon it was made with love and care. So please enjoy what’s on the plate, Then fill it up again, Then pass along the love it holds to your family and friends.

Painting on Ceramics is easy using a  sharpie pen.  The fine tip sharpie works best. Bake the plate in a 350 oven for 30 minutes.
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