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The Best Church Games Ever!

I love finding games that the kids in children's church will enjoy. It is so much fun to see them get excited during church. Here are some I have lined up for the kids.
This is a cool game using what everyone loves...candy.  Wrap with bubble wrap and tape, shrink wrap, or even wrapping paper.  Have a student start pulling the wrap apart for the  candy while another tries to rolls double numbers with dice. When they get double numbers, the ball passes to that person.  There are a lot of variations you can do instead of dice. 

  What You Need:

  1.  Small snack size candy bars.  Enough for your group to have several and enough to make it exciting.
  2. A Large Bowl
  3. One Dice
  4. Brown or white paper Lunch bags

How to Set Up

  •  Give everyone a  lunch bag with one candy bar inside
  • Put leftovers in a bowl and put in the middle of the table or floor

How to Play

  • Roll the dice

    • Use the chart above with the number you roll.


    Do you have to much class left at the end of your lesson.   Print these easy to prepare quick games for your class.
    Here are more fill in activities that can be done quickly when your class ends too soon.   I especially like writing encouraging words to the pastor on post it notes and sticking them all over his car.
    This isn't a game but an award for a game winner. I love these "Olympic metals".  They are simple to make with candy, ribbon, and tape.  I will be using double sided tape for this project.  Don't want the kiddies crying when their awards fall apart.

5 Great Summer Games for Kids

I always knew there was something that could be done with Cheez It Scrabble crackers, but I just couldn't grasp it.  Well here it is... Edible Bingo.  This site has  a download for free printable bingo cards and explains how to play this fun game.
Kids love sidewalk chalk but this is a new twist.  Learn how to make this Colorful Ice Chalk. The  site for this chalk has alot of fun ideas such as making a rainbow of colors and freezing the chalk in different shapes.
Photo Credit: http:
Using bedsheets and a hula hoop at the top for this tent is pure genius.  I don't know why I never thought of this when my kids were young.  They made tents in the living room all the time, and I mean all the time.  This would have been the perfect solution.  They loved it outdoors and they loved tents.  The best of two worlds.
I love this idea for a large matching memory game.  Using poster board, cut out squares.  Make sets of matching pictures, words, or letters on one side,leaving one side blank. You have an inexpensive game for hours of outside fun.  Idea from Dollar Store Crafts.
This cool game uses a tic tac toe grid and frisbees. It is made by lining  a shower curtain with duck tape.  The object is to line up 3 players and  see who can  make the best shot.  Game found at A Turtles Life for Me
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