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Weight Loss Goals

As of today I have lost 46 pounds.  I have kept the weight off for 2 years but I am spinning my wheels and not able to lose the other 40 pounds I need to lose so.....I joined a 90 day low carb challenge started by lowcarbtravelor.   Here's the link

The Challenge started yesterday so I am 2 days in.  I decided to go back to low carb eating because my food cravings are terrible.  I had been watching everything I eat but I wasn't losing weight.
I can tell when sugar creeps back in my diet because I can eat and eat and never I'm never satisfied.  You remember the commercial, bet you can't eat just one, well that was my current situation.

It will take me a few days to get my system back to the point that my cravings are under control.  I had been eating lots of fruits and realized that even natural sugar is sugar.  So I am so longer indulging  in natures candy bars. 
 If I eat fruit it is cantaloupe and strawberries because they are the lowest in carbs.  But still I don't grab a big bowl of them like I used to. Blueberries are pretty high so I just grab a handful for salads and etc.
Visit the link above and join me in the challenge. Visit this post for Great Low Carb Sites.  I can't wait to see where I will be in 3 months.  It would love to see that 40 lbs gone by October.
Keep checking my blog for my results.

Best Low Carb Diet Sites Ever

My weight has been on a stand still for over a year now. I am once again starting a low carb diet and I have found a treasure cove of sites that have some great recipes.  There is also alot of inspiration to help you get started on the low carb way of eating.  I should know by now that low carb is a way of life, not just a diet.  At least I've keep the weight off for over a year but I'm ready to move on.  If you love low carbing, check out these sites:

         Link for
 Low Carb Friends

This site is awesome.  It includes all the low carb diets and has message boards that you can join in.  All of your questions can be answered here, great recipes, and inspiring stories.

     Link For
Poor Man's Atkins 

This guys site has taught me how to order fast food and stay on low carb. I never thought to ask for a bunless cheeeburger with extra lettuce.  They put it in a bowl and add the lettuce.  Ask for a packet of dressing and you have a ooooey gooey cheeseburger salad for the cost of a burger. 

       Link for 
Sugar Free Like Me  

This is one of my favorite sites and I check it out often.  Please read her benefits of going sugar free.  I went sugar free over a year ago and I never thought I could do it.  The payoff is worth it.  I had a terrible headache for 2 solid weeks.  That just showed me how addicted I was to sugar.  I drifted back into sugar but not as bad as before.  I am now 2 months sugar free.

 Link to   Your Lighter Side Your Lighter Side 

Love this site for the great recipes but her claim to fame is her oopsie rolls. Anyone who has done low carb knows that you would consider selling a child for a piece of bread.  Check out her low carb hamburger roll.

With 406 comments and counting, somebody has done something right.

      Link to
 Deliciously Thin

Love, love, love this site.  The way she has it organized makes it so easy to find recipes and one of my favorite sections is the 3 ingredients.  She has it for chicken, beef, seafood, pork and sugar free desserts.  It not just one or two recipes but a load of 3 ingredient recipes.

I have more sites I will share later.  This is enough to get you started on a low carb way of life.  I have lost 5 pounds so far, painlessly.

Happy Carbing!

Low Carb Recipes

When I go on a low carb diet, boredom is my biggest challenge so I'm on a mission to spice it up.
 In the Atkins days it was mostly meat and salads. How many days can you eat chicken breast and a salad and get excited?

Here are some amazing low carb Recipes.

The Recipe

 To start the meal, this onion sounds delicious.  It uses blue cheese but there are other cheeses that could be substituted if blue cheese is not your favorite. It has butter and crumbled doesn't get much better than that. 

The Recipe

What a way to end a meal, with this beautiful, (I  can't believe this is on my diet) key lime cheesecake bars.

The Recipe

 This is some beautiful bean footage here.  These is not your grandma's green beans. I have a big bag  of green beans in the fridge that are going to used in this recipe.  It's only 8:30 a.m . but I am so ready to make these.  Green beans for breakfast anyone?

The Recipe

These ham and egg cups are a great idea. They are made in muffins tins and are very easy to grab and go.

Low Carb Eating

I have been walking with a friend for over a month  trying to improve my overall health.  There are a lot of benefits to walking
I feel much better,  But I noticed something....I'm not losing weight. We walk between 2.5 and 3 miles per day. 
 It takes only one hour to walk 2.5 miles.
Debbie says she can see my weight loss, but I can't and my scales can't see it either.
So now I'm hooked on walking and  would walk just for the health benefits.  But shouldn't I get the reward of weight loss too?
  Things I noticed when I loss 43 pounds (last year)
  • eating less carbs helped my weight loss.
  • going cold turkey on sugar helped lessen my food craving.
  • I'm more aware of what I eat and what my slim friends eat.
  • losing just 43 pounds got me off blood pressure, diabetic, and cholesterol meds, so there is no way I'm going back there.

 This is all out weight loss war!! 

have done research and found a site that focuses on all the things that helped me lose in the past.  Low carbs and sugar free.
Source: Sugar Free Like Me

 I don't know about you,but these food choices look doable to me.
Go to the above link for her grocery list of low carb sugar free eating.

I'm on day 2 and I have a slight headache which is a good sign that your body is detoxing.  I'm eating the foods I have on hand but I'm planning my grocery list for my next shopping trip.
  I will update you as I go through this journey.  I'm so excited, please join me and let me know how this is working for you.
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