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6 Mother's Day Gift Ideas Using Photos

Everyone is looking for the perfect Mother's Day present. Here's a great Idea using pc pipe and pictures for a flower vase.   
:: Tutorial for Mother's Day Vase. 

 Here is how to transfer photo to glass, ceramics and even fabrics.  Print your beautiful graphic or photo on lazertran paper
  :: Tutorial How to Transfer photos  

  I have done photos on ceramic tile before.  Photo coasters are super easy to make and everyone loves them,  It is simple to transfer photos to tile and They are great for Mother's Day.  Put photos of grandkids, mom at different ages, or any milestone such as marriage. 
 :: How to Make Photo Coasters

  Photo Candle Holders that make a wonderful Mother's Day gift.  It is a easy project using modge podge.  
::Photo Candle Holders .
How about photo bookmarks for mom for Mother's Day.  Not your usual bookmarks. These Homemade bookmarks with tassels are sure to make mom smile.
:: Photo book marks 

Buy a large letter with your family initial.  Use your printer's draft feature to print pictures and modge podge to glue them to the surface.   
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