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Captain Crunch Custom Notebook

Here is the notebook I altered for my daughter.  I got the cereal box idea from the Making Memories I used the same technique I have used for years to alter notebooks.  Remove the side coil which is simple when you get the alignment right. Take the original cover off, Cut your cereal box cover using the original cover as a template.  I laminated mine so the notebook could take the wear and tear of everyday use. Also draw the 3 larger circles and punch all of the circles with the proper size  paper punch. . Then on the backside I used the original cover again to draw the wire circles on the backside of the new cover.
Ashley was so thrilled about this notebook..I had bought the cereal when she came home this weekend but I swiped the box and told her I was going to make something for her.

Making Custom Notebook Covers


Custom notebooks are fun and easy to do. Family members and friends enjoy getting them, and they think you are a Rock Star. To make customized notebooks: 
  • Measure your notebook and make a template in publisher, psp, or whatever software you use for creative designs.
  •  Put a graphic or name on the template. 
  • Unwind the coil wire. 
  • Use one of the note pages to line up your holes on the new notebook covers.
  • Hold in place with clamps or clothes pens
  •   Punch holes in the new cover.
  •  Stick the wire coil back into the stack of papers.
 This is a very easy process that improves with practice, and because they are so practical, everyone loves them.

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