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How to Paint Kitchen Countertops

I have been contemplating if painting kitchen countertops is the way for me to go.   Five days is a long time to deal with any painting project, at least for me it is.  Here are the finished kitchen countertops I've had my eye on and they are gorgeous.
Diy Painted Kitchen Countertops
Click on this link for want a step by step tutorial on painting kitchen countertops. This site has alot of good ideas like covering your paint roller pan with plastic bags so you can easily change the paint color.  The cost is around $30 which is much cheaper than granite countertops.

 Click on the following link for  another technique showing how to spray paint countertops.  You use a can of  Stone color spray paint.   The cost is around $10. This looks pretty easy.  This is a bathroom but it could be used for a kitchen also.  I think I could deal with this one.  How about you?  Which technique would you use?

Hand Painted End Table

I have an end table that looks exactly like this.  I see a transformation in my life.

 This DIY End Table makeover is truly a trash to treasure project.  See the tutorial for this project at  Craft Tastic.

Recycled Towel Rack from Old Window

Recycled Craft Idea from Debbie Albert.  Easy  To Make Towel Rack using an old window.   her guest bathroom.  Debbie bought the window from a thrift store for $3.00 and the hooks from Hobby Lobby ($6.00 on sale).  She used leftover paint to make this project so the total came to $9.00. Love these trash to treasures projects.

Monogram Hanger From Old Cabinet Door

This Monogram Wall Hanger is  made from an Old Cabinet door.  Debbie bought the door from a thrift shop for $5.00.  The letters are from Walmart for $5.00. She had leftover black paint, and she had the chain and hooks.  Her cost was $10.00 but all items could probably be found for $15.00 or less.  And yes, that is really her initials.

Coffee Table Made from Old Window

Hard to believe this coffee table is made from an old window .  My niece Debbie bought the window at a Habitat Store for $3.00 and the table legs for $1.00 a piece at a Junk store. Total price $7.00. She is re purposing old windows and has alot of great ideas. I will be sharing more window ideas from her in the future.
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