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Summer Vacation Gone Bad

As vacation time nears, I'm once again reminded of a Vacation from Heck we had several years ago. 
We always look forward to vacation. We save money,  plan what to take, pick the location, and decide what to do while we are there.  It seems the anticipation is building so fast we would almost burst before departure day.
We usually head for the hills (mountains) for our summer vacation.  Though we live near Myrtle Beach, we all love the tranquility of the mountains.
There were several hints that this was going to be a vacation to remember. The first one was when we rode around in circles  looking for our cabin.  The  winding narrow  road  was terrifying.  I have a phobia when riding  in a car (there is a name for it) so I was a basket case by the time we found our rental.
Hint 2: The cabin was in a deep valley (I thought we were going to be on a mountaintop).  There were at least 50  steps down and 50 steps up.  Fun times carrying our luggage and vacation stuff into the cabin.  
Hint 3:  The cabin looks good, just like the virtual tour on the internet....NOT.  How did they get this place to look  that good in pictures? We get settled in.  Groceries in the fridge, luggage into rooms, kids happily playing outside.  I go to the kitchen to make coffee and my feet kept sticking to something on the floor. It sounds like sticky tea on the floor but there is nothing there. Every step you take, sticky tea.... Little things can drive you crazy if you let them so I  tuned it out....

Hint 4: Time to relax and enjoy some tv time with the family.  Oh no, the satellite is not working.  Hubby inspects and sees there is a tree limb blocking it, so he goes to the neighbor and borrows a saw. I can not tell you the fear I had as he climbs a limber tree and proceeds to cut the limb. Many hours later we give it the test.  Still no satellite. 
 Thank goodness we have a dvd player so we go to town and rent 4 or 5 movies.  We finally arrive back and sit down to watch a movie and of course the dvd player doesn't work.  A silence falls over the room. 
Ok, enough...we call the realtor.  He suggests we move to another cabin down the road.  We decide we don't want to move in and out of cabins during our entire vacation.
It's a lot of work to load up all your stuff only to go down the road and unload again.  Who knows how many surprises await at the next cabin.  Vacations are to relax...right?
Hint 5: The window in the living room is one huge pane.  As day turns into night the trees look like a dense jungle. As it gets darker, it takes on a creepy look.  The kids are terrified, as in, no one is getting any sleep in this house tonight.  There are no curtains.  Who forgets to put up curtains?
Hint 6:  Hubby and I decide to go to bed, it has been a long day and we are exhausted.  I don't know why we thought there was rest for the weary.  All night the corners of the linen kept popping off the bed.  We got up several times and put the corners back on,  finally falling asleep in complete exhaustion. In the morning we were laying on the plastic mattress cover. Yuck!
  Rise and Shine and I'm headed to the sticky kitchen to make breakfast. By now, I'm on the verge of tears.
All of us could have easily been talked into leaving, but we made the best of a bad situation and did a lot of sightseeing and eating out.

It was one vacation we were glad to see come to an end.  Home has never looked so sweet. 
 The plus side of vacations gone bad is you appreciate how wonderful your home really is. Trust me, you will laugh about your experience...eventually.
Did  you ever have a Vacation from Heck?  We would love to hear about it.  It might be good therapy.
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