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Vbs Submerge ideas

Vacation  bible school will soon be in full swing and though it's  been exhausting, it has been a blast planning all the activities.  This is my first year as director and its been quite the experience.  So many people have jumped on board to help with decorations.


I made these fish from paper lanterns I found at Dollar Tree. I made a template for the tail and used a heart shape for the lips and fins. I had some printable  eyes that worked perfect for fish eyes.  Everyone loves them.

My very talented sister in law made one of the jelly fish that will be used in the worship rally.

 She used lightweight tarp material that her husband had stored in his shop. She bunched  it up and shaped it.

I made these crabs from red paper plates from Dollar Tree.
I made a template for the claws and cut them from another red plate so they would match.  You can make 2 claws from one plate.  Use pipe cleaner for the legs.  I used glue dots to secure them .

My very own Tom the Builder.  

My husband built this photo booth for the kids and he also built a cool puppet stage and just helped in so many ways.  Love this man!!!  

VBS Ideas for Agency 3D Theme

      I'm so excited about VBS at our church this year. I have been looking for  ideas for the Agency 3D VBS theme. Here are some things I found.
Here are bulletin inserts to help recruit workers for vacation bible school.  What a great idea.

Download Bullentin Inserts

You can add your student's name on these cool bookmarks.  Not only that, you can change all the words on the bookmark and you can print 4 at the time.  They can be used for awards and and also throughout the year in Sunday School.

Custom Printable Bookmarks

Love this printable sign for the class door.  It's perfect for vbs and Sunday School classes.  It lets the kids know they are respected and loved.

You Are Loved Sign

How cute are these treats?  Fig Newtons made to look like bibles.  It doesn't get any cuter than this.

Here is a great challenge for VBS kids.  For 7 days, you secretly do random acts of kindness without telling anyone.  Our director is going to challenge the VBS leaders to do this, and during bible school, the kids will be asked to do it.

Download Misson Possible Sheet

 Download Secret Service Ideas

 I made these labels for the boxes or bags for the evidence room. Use glue on the back to stick them on.
 Click on image and print.

 I Love this idea so I made one to show our VBS leaders and I made a printable sheet with 4 templates. Click on image and print on white or colored card stock.

Here is another candy card scripture I love.  I also made a printable template for these.  Click on the image and print to card stock.

Need more Ideas? Click on 
Hope you enjoy the Printables.  Have fun at VBS.

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